Wrinkle free? How to Boost Collagen Levels

We all long to have young and wrinkle-free skin for as long as possible.

While drinking water and applying skincare products can help, they won’t be effective if your skin has low levels of collagen. This natural protein is produced by our bodies to help make our skin look youthful by improving its elasticity and firmness. Unfortunately, our body’s collagen production begins to slow down when we reach our twenties (and hello I'm in my mid-twenties!) as a result, our skin becomes fragile and this is what leads to wrinkles and fine lines appearing on our faces.

But, thankfully, there are things we can do to boost our collagen production and stay wrinkle free for longer. Take a look at these surprising techniques to find out how.

Stop eating sugar!

Eating and drinking products that contain high levels of sugar might taste amazing but the effects it can have on your skin can be severe.

When it enters your bloodstream, sugar will attach itself to your body’s proteins, including your collagen. This is a permanent attachment which stops your collagen being as flexible as it should be. Unfortunately, the results of this is dull and dry skin, which also develops lines more quickly. Your collagen levels will also decrease. But by eating less sugar each day, your collagen production can continue working efficiently. This means that your skin will improve because the dullness and dryness will decrease. So as much as you might enjoy sweet treats, try not to consume them in excess.

Use Vitamin C creams

Studies have found that people who don’t get sufficient levels of vitamin C are more likely to experience premature wrinkles, this is because vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen.

Obviously the easy way of boosting your collagen levels is by increasing your vitamin C intake. Eating foods such as oranges and pepper regularly can help you do this. But there are also vitamin C skincare products you can apply to your skin too. These have been found to repair collagen and help it to regenerate.

Look for reviews online to see which vitamin C creams and serums are the most effective.

Get Liposuction

Extra anxious about anti-aging?

Remember that it’s not just the skin on your face that will wrinkle as you get older - the skin on the rest of your body also needs a boost in collagen to keep it looking young and supple. One of the most surprisingly effective ways of doing this is by getting liposuction. While many believe that this procedure is only for those who want to remove fat from their body, this is not necessarily the case. Many people are now opting for liposuction as a way of stimulating their collagen production too. This allows them to enjoy more youthful looking skin while also boosting their confidence. If this technique sounds appealing, search for smart lipo online to find out more.

Do your research!

The team over at Reviews.com as actually put together a helpful page - it has reviews as well as the science-y info we know I'm not that good with to help you out with what products you should be using, and what to know about collagen in general. They give you a high-end pick as well as a drugstore one so it's affordable for any budget. 

To check out their guide, go here! 

Making an effort to preserve and boost your collagen levels now will give you fantastic looking skin as you get older. So if you’re not ready for wrinkles just yet, give these techniques a try and see how much better your skin looks.