Feeling Good Looking Good - Confidence Is Pretty

Have you ever look at someone else and thought: “I wish i could wear that shade of lipstick, but it would look awful on me!”

Well, you are not alone. The funny thing is that these people aren’t models or films stars for the most part. They are just normal everyday women like you and me. So why can they wear something and look the bomb, but we wouldn’t go near it? The key is confidence. If you feel good in something you are going to look good in it. It's all about attitude. But can we foster that attitude in ourselves? Read on to find out.


Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. If we talked to our friends the way that we do mentally inside our own head, we wouldn't have any friends left!

There can be a nearly continuous stream of you are: "fat, ugly, skinny, too tall, and such," coming from our minds.  The trick here is to not get taken in by it. We all have a hypercritical voice inside us, but it is only one part of us. We don't have to listen to it.

You can learn to tune it out by imaging that anything it says is like a radio on in the background that you're not actually listening too. Or how about using some positive mantras like "I am beautiful, or I am enough", to help when the din gets too loud?

Maximize And Minimize

An attitude of confidence often comes from knowing your face and body well, and being at peace with it. No one is perfect, but by playing to our beauty strengths, we can maximize our good bits and minimize the bad.

This is how contouring works. Use highlighter on the bits that you want to draw attention to and contour on the pieces that you want to seem smaller.

Address Problem Issues

Of, course there is only so much that you can address with clever contouring. Sometimes you have an issue that can't easily be hidden, that is causing a dent in your confidence.

There are several things you can do about that. The first is to seek counselling to see whether the issues is as bad as you perceive it to be. It's quite common for people to blow physical problems out of proportion. Meaning that other people don't notice them half as much as the sufferer thinks they do.

In fact, there is a recognized condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which related to this. If you think you could be suffering from this, consult your doctors for more advice.

The other option is to take action to correct the problem that is causing an issue with your confidence. There is an assortment of surgical procedures, as well as fitness and exercise plans that you can perform to improve your appearance.

Those will small lips often have filler injections. Those with stubborn belly fat can opt for liposuction, and those with a flat rear can embark on a programme of exercise such as squats.

Taking action like this can work well for some people if they address the issue that is making their confidence suffer. Then they can regain that positive feeling and feel beautiful again.