Is It Time For A Hair Makeover?

The coming New Year is the perfect time to go for a hair makeover. Having something new done to your hair, even just something small, can completely change your look and make you feel more confident.

Here are some suggestions you might like!

Get A Fringe

Ahh, the fringe.

A great option if you want a bit of a change but you’re unsure of what to do. There are lots of different kinds of fringes, from long and wispy to short and blunt. By going for a long wispy fringe, you can easily decide whether you like it or not, as it won’t take long to grow out. It’s pretty much zero commitment! You can even style it differently if you get bored. Some people like to part their long fringes to create a cute ‘split fringe’ style.

The shorter you go, the more edgy you’ll seem. You could even try an asymmetrical fringe if you’re brave!

Change The Length

Changing the length of your hair is super easy with hair extensions. A Brazilian natural wave could make your hair look thick and healthy. If you prefer, you could have it all cut off! Cutting your hair off shouldn’t be as scary these days when it’s easy to buy such high quality hair extensions.

Switch Up Your Shade

You could change your shade slightly, completely, or just add a toner to it.

Sometimes, you can use a pink toned shampoo on blonde hair to get a subtle pink look. If you prefer something more daring, crazy colours are great. However, for a natural result, going to the hairdresser is the best option. Your colour needs to be distributed evenly over your head for it to look amazing, and we can struggle with this at home. If you must do it at home, make sure you’ve bought quality products and done lots of research first.

Dying your hair brown might not be so bad, but trying to bleach it or something on your own can have disastrous me. 

Get Some Layers

Layers are simple, and can help to frame your face. While one length hairstyle can sometimes be fashionable, layers add more movement and thickness to the hair. You can have long layers to start with if you’re worried they won’t suit. If you want to have something on trend, they say ‘the Rachel’ is coming back in fashion!

Try A New Parting

It’s usually pretty easy to change your parting. You might not even need to visit a hairdresser to do it! If your hair is long enough, changing your parting whenever you feel like it should be a breeze.

Style It Differently

If you don’t want to change the colour or cut, then style it differently instead. If you’re good at plaiting, there’s an abundance of different, edgy hairstyles you could try. There are up-dos, half-up half-down, ponytails, and side buns. The world is your oyster when you have hair to play with!

Have fun mixing it up, after all it's just hair and such a fast way to revamp your look!