Five Cute Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Choosing a new hairstyle isn’t as simple as flicking through a beauty magazine and picking one that looks awesome, or finding that perfect Pinterest cut and deciding on it as soon as you pin it. 

You actually need to put some more careful thought into it than that. Why?Because we each have different shaped faces! And the shape of our face can really change what a hairstyle looks like on you, trust me. So just because your best friend really suits a bobbed haircut doesn’t mean you will as well (lesson learned). 

So which hairstyles are the best for your face shape? Here’s my useful guide to help you decide.

Oval Face Shape

How do you know if you have an oval face shape? It’s alllll about proportions. If your forehead and jaw are the same lengths, you have an oval face shape. Your face should also be longer than it is wide.

But now, down to business: suitable haircuts! Fortunately, quite a few different hairstyles suit oval faces and long and wavy hair works best. If you want some bangs, side ones work for you. But you could also get away with a gringe, which is one of 2016’s hottest trends! Lucky lady!

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart face shape, you are lucky enough to get away with dramatic bobs and pixie cuts.

As long as they don’t look too top heavy and the best way to avoid a heavy cut is to ask for soft layers cut at chin length. These will help to frame your face, which is never a bad thing. Curly locks look fantastic on a heart-shaped face, but they need to be very loose. You can perfect your curls with a hairdryer from Oomphed! Tip: try not to slick your hair back into a dramatic style as this can be a bit overbearing on your face. Who knew?

Long Face

If your hair is very fine, and you have a long-shaped face, you should grow your hair so that it doesn’t look too wispy.

You can wear this messy for casual occasions or straighten it if you are attending a formal event. If you have long and curly hair, then you can get away with most styles thanks to your face’s shape! Use layers and feathering to add lots of texture. Things get a little trickier when it comes to bangs - the only suitable for long faces is a very blunt-cut one. And, unfortunately, these only suit people with big foreheads...count me out on bangs!

Round Faces

There is a rumour going around that not many hairstyles suit round faces. Guess what? That simply isn’t true.

These days, hairdressers believe round faces can get away with a lot of different cuts. Long cuts can help to elongate your face and make it appear, well, longer. So long-haired styles are often favoured by those with these types of faces, starting growing! And when it comes to bangs, go for longer ones rather than a short, blunt cut.

The only type of hairstyle to stay away from is one that is at chin length as this can over-exaggerate the roundness of your face.

Bad hair day? Not anymore if you get the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape!