Serious About Aging? The Things You Can Do Combat The Process

Being in my twenties, you would think that ageing wouldn’t be a worry to me. But the fact is, I think many women think about the ageing process and want to avoid it at all costs. It seems like a natural progression, especially if you are into beauty and fashion. However, some people take more action than others.

It’s not unusual for someone of my age to want to start taking preventative measures to avoid ageing at all costs. I like to look my best afterall. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to share with you all the different ways you can combat the ageing process.

Trying one of them or a few of them could help you look younger for longer.

Have a more active lifestyle

There is no shying away from the fact that having an active lifestyle can help you look and feel younger. Ageing is not just how you look physically afterall. Being in good shape can help you have more energy, feel great, and ultimately help your body stay in shape. This is why having an active lifestyle can help combat the ageing process. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to head to the gym everyday. I appreciate that a lot of exercise isn’t for everyone. Having an active lifestyle is exactly that. It’s being more active than perhaps you are now. This might mean walking somewhere instead of driving. It might mean making a choice to walk further to your destination, or taking the stairs instead of a lift. It can be quite difficult to feel motivated to take on more activity in your daily life. But once you get into the habit of it you can start to see and feel a real change.

Use sunscreen everyday

Sun damage is one of the biggest giveaways of ageing skin. It can make your skin appear dried out and a little drab. Also, skin damage can be the leading cause of wrinkles and dark spots that develop on your skin. While we all like to be outside in the sunshine, it’s vital to make sure you use sunscreen. Applying an SPF protection everyday provides your skin with protection against harmful UV rays. Also, this is one of the biggest causes of skin cancer. So not only are you reducing the chances of ageing, but you are also making sensible decisions towards your health.

Take physical action

Sometimes women need a little helping hand when it comes to preventing the ageing process. They may need to consider cenegenics. This is where they take into consider your nutrition, your activity but also help with a hormone balance. As you get older your hormone levels drop and the symptoms of ageing and menopause can creep in. Establishing a good balance can help reduce those symptoms. Alternatively, some women consider cosmetic enhancements like facials, skin peels and botox. All of which can have an effect on how you look. If you can feel good about that then ultimately your confidence and self esteem will begin to grow.

Drink plenty of water

Water is nature's natural detox. It’s one of the easiest and best ways we can reduce the signs of ageing. Both physically and mentally. Drinking more water can have a big impact on your skin. It keeps it hydrated and looking more plump. While flushing bad toxins out of your body. However, getting your recommended daily allowance of water also has an effect on your mood, your energy levels, and the quality of sleep you get. Getting more rest and feeling happy with yourself all have a positive effect on how you feel.

Your skin is one of the biggest indications of ageing. Especially in the facial area. It’s the first thing people are drawn to because it affects the way you look. Which it’s why it’s so vital to have a healthy outlook when it comes to water and what you put into your body. Things like caffeine and alcohol, although great as treats, can all have a damaging effect on how your skin looks. Opt for water in future and keep the alcohol and caffeine intake to a minimum.  

Consider alternative makeup techniques

We all know that sometimes a little fakery can make all the difference. Especially when it comes to our confidence levels. Which is why alternative makeup techniques can really help fight the signs of ageing. What you want to do is distract from problem areas. This is where getting a good base applied first can be a huge advantage. Contouring techniques can define your face shape. Also using a good highlighter can transform how your face looks. Alternatively, consider focusing on your eyes for maximum drama. Or consider using a brighter lip shade to draw the attention. If makeup isn’t your strong suit, there are plenty of tutorials online on websites like Youtube. They all have step by step guides on how to achieve the look you are going for.

Change your skincare routine

When it comes to ageing, our skin is by far one of the biggest areas we need to concentrate on. Which is why investing some time into your skin routine could be beneficial. It’s worth looking at how you do things now and seeing if making a few changes could help with how your skin looks. It might be worth considering using a strong face mask that is deep cleaning once a week. Or perhaps using a specific night cream as part of your evening routine. These tend to offer more hydration to the skin. It could also be a great time to consider trying some new skincare products. Head down to a beauty counter and seek some advice on the types of products and methods to consider.

Positive mindset

Finally, a lot of how we look and feel is how we portray ourselves. Which is why sometimes looking at our mindset can be a big stumbling block. If we have particularly negative thoughts about how we look and feel these can often be magnified to be worse than what they are. Try and focus on the good things and keep a positive outlook on life. You won’t believe the difference a few tweaks can make.

I hope this has inspired you with a few different ways you can consider to combat the ageing process.