25 Lessons in 25 Years

Well it’s official.

I can no longer say I’m early twenties because as of today I am 25.


Honestly, and I know I’m being dramatic, but that makes me feel old. It’s a very definitive number, 25 is. Also makes me think of Adele’s latest album, nothing wrong with that.

I remember when I turned 20 I freaked out a little and five years later I’m a bit more calm. Am I where I thought I would be at 25? No, not quite. But a lot has changed in the last five years.

I have a thing for lists, I have a notebook that is purely lists in fact. They allow me to reflect but since I stray off topic easily, it makes it a little better to break them down. Since 25 is a big age it seems, I thought what better time to do a list of little lessons I’ve learned over the last 25 years, for better or for worse, and in no particular order. 

1. Don’t leave a wooden spoon near a hot burner

I learned this my first year of university. There was so much smoke and ashes a even a small flame…but the late night craving for mashed potatoes was cured.

2. Bangs are a bad idea

Leaving this here for future reference.

I love bangs on other people so much so that I’ve had them quite a few times over the years. And yes, I’ve included some fab photos from 07/08 for you to enjoy. Did I trim my own bangs one time and sneeze? You bet.

Side bangs, blunt bangs, any bangs. Never again. 

3. 'You get what you give’ isn’t always true

This is a tricky lesson. But what I mean is you can pour yourself into something and you know what? It might not go the way you think. A group project, even a relationship. You can give someone your world and then nothing. 

I still firmly believe I'd rather give more anyway, but that's just the person I am. 

4. Lattes are a bad choice if you’re lactose intolerant

I will spare you the graphic details, and will never have a PSL again. 

5. Dogs are a girl’s best friend

I have been lucky enough to grow up with dogs: Shadow and Hershey when I was little and now the boys, Charlie and Cooper.

I think everyone should have a dog, they make life better. And yes I would take a dog over a diamond any single day of the year. 

6. You will never regret being kind to strangers

I will never understand when people are rude to strangers. Granted there are exceptions, for example I'm not too kind to cat-calling men, but for the most part I do my best to be kind. You wouldn't believe the number of people I met at work that seemed shocked when I smile at them in the store, or on the street. Just smile people, it is so easy to make someone's day. 

7. Take pictures

I am constantly made fun of for wanting to take pictures but at this point I know it's worth it because you never know what's happening next and photos are nice to hang on to. 

8. Girl’s Night Out is not wine

It is juice. And it is (now) gross. 

9. Mental health is just as important as physical health

This is something as a society we're becoming more aware of and something I've written about for countless publications. This was the first year I had anxiety attacks and even hair loss because of stress. Take care of yourself. 

10. Pass it on

I don't know if he'll remember this but my dad told me this in the parking lot of Midland's Wal-Mart waaaay back sometime in high school. Basically his idea was that if someone does something good for you, pass it on no matter what and if everyone did this then the world would have very little problems. Sounds simple, and I wish more people strived to do this. 

11. Being plus-sized isn't the end of the world

This was truly the year I (more or less) accepted and learned to love the way I look. Crop tops? In public? In the daytime?!

It happened, and it's not stopping anytime soon. Okay maybe with the cold, but still. 

12. Don't quit your daydream 

I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was little. And sure writing for papers and magazines is amazing and I would never say no but being able to write here on my own platform is amazing, and I'll never stop working on it. 

13. My life is not a rom-com

Still wouldn't object to a Nicholas Sparks type of romance, though. 

14. Your age isn’t the answer to everything

Of course when I was younger I thought I would be engaged at 25, I mean it seemed pretty old. 

Now that I'm actually 25 it seems crazy! Age isn't a magic number that makes everything fall into place. It's just another year to keep working towards you what you want. 

15. Remove your makeup before bed

Your skin will thank you, especially in 25 more years. 

16. It is possible to kill a cactus 

I am horrible with plants and here's why: when I drink water, I give water to my plants too! I'm just that kind! But really, I overwater them (aka smother them with love) and sadly, they usually don't make it that long. 

17. Early mornings won't kill you 

I live for sleeping in! But I've reached that age (oh man I sound old) that when I sleep in past 11 I feel like I've wasted so much of the day. So okay, I'm still not an early riser, but I'm getting better!

18. There is no shame in calling home daily once you move away

Do I call home more than once? Yes. Does my mother get annoyed? I'm sure. Will I be stopping? nope. 

19. Jurassic Park never gets old 

And I will never miss an opportunity to see it in theatre. 

20. Almost anything can be fixed with ice cream (or wine)

If something bad happens during the day, go for the ice cream.

Anytime after 5?

Carrie knows. 

21. Don't go to bed angry

I have this rule with a very close friend of mine that we never go to bed angry at each other and if we do, we usually apologize for it as soon as we wake up. It's pointless, causes a horrible sleep and not worth it for anyone involved. 

22. Laugh as loudly as you want 

I have an embarrassingly loud laugh. 

Just this month I was out to sushi with my sister and her friend and I started to laugh and couldn't stop and it got so loud people thought I was choking. In high school I think people in my locker hallway wanted to muzzle me. In movie theatres, there are stares. 

I do not care.

Unbridled laughter is the best laughter. 

23. You're allowed to change your mind as often as you like 

First I wanted to be a teacher, than I went to college for journalism, now I want a full-time job with a company I've fallen in love with. I've had every hair colour you can imagine. I've changed the title of this post three times, maybe once more before I publish. 

Decisiveness isn't my strength but my goodness you need to realize you're allowed to change your mind! And not feel guilty about it!

24. Take time to read

When I was younger I read every minute I could and this year I kind of fell out of that habit. And then of course I started at Indigo and now I'm surrounded by books and I can't stop, I didn't realize how much I missed it. 

It is the perfect escape and one that you'll never regret taking. One day (you can hold me to it) I really am going to finish writing another book and hopefully it'll provide the same escape I've cherished many times over the years. 

25. Life moves pretty fast

...if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

A little cheesy, I know, but I can't be the only one who sometimes marvels at how fast time goes. I do this often and that's when I panic a little, but so far it's been a good run and Ferris has yet to be wrong about much. 

So there we go. 

25 lessons that I hope teach you a little something too, because some of these even I'm still learning and will probably never stop learning. 

Cheers to another year and thank you so much for sticking out this journey (adventure?) with me so far.