7 ideas for bachelorette parties...on a budget!

Bridesmaids are an important part of any wedding. They’re there from the beginning helping with planning  and are there to keep the bride grounded on the wedding day. But before the bride makes her way down the aisle, she has one night (or day) with her ladies to celebrate: the bachelorette party! There are ways to keep the party from getting too pricey (think budget planning and keeping it local!) and now we’ll give you some ideas for having a great time and not denting bank accounts in the process.

Sip & Paint

Don’t worry, no experience needed for this painting session. Blank canvases are easy to come by, even dollar stores carry a few sizes, and paints too! You can even do paint-by-numbers if a DIY masterpiece seems too intimidating. And, if budget allows, places are popping up that host these nights for you! Try searching for a wine and painting night near you.

Take it easy

You’ve gotten used to weddings being stressful by now and what’s the best way to relieve stress? Spa day! And why go to a spa when you can just bring it home? We have a scrub you can make together (and take home), and face masks are an easy find on Pinterest.  Dig up your nail polish collection, the magazines you never want to throw out, and kick back with the girls.

The Blind Taste

I honestly hadn’t heard of this idea until I stumbled upon it while writing this and I love it! I want to try it just for fun! Here’s what you do: the ladies bring their favourite (or the one the want to try) bottle of wine in a paper bag and you taste them, blind! You can choose your favourites at the end, and see if price really matters with wine. You can set a price limit, but really it’s up to the bridesmaids how much they want to spend!

Get Competitive

The bachelorette party can actually be all fun and games. Go bowling (fruit optional but adorable), try your hand at mini golf or take a few laps with go karts! Friendly competition is always a good time, and you don’t haaave to let the bride win.

Back to the basics

Via Dose

Via Dose

There are few things better than a classic slumber party. Think your favourite movies from when you were younger and pizza is a total must. If you want to make the night extra memorable, everyone can show pictures of them with the bride through the years and share stories…the best bonding time.

Mix it up

Via The Bach

A bar crawl is a wild night out, and the best reason to wear matching shirts that show off the bride.  Draw up a plan of what pubs or bars you want to hit, and stick together! It doesn’t have to be pricey, you don’t even have to always buy a drink, it’s just a good excuse to get out and have a blast!

Keep it natural

If the ladies aren’t afraid of leaving technology behind, pack your bags and head outdoors. This doesn’t mean you have to book a campground either, a backyard will do just fine! You can make s’mores, tell stories around the fire, and relax under the stars.

These are just a few ideas to help with the planning, and you can even mix them up to make a party everyone will enjoy! The party will be as expensive as you make it, and that is something you can avoid. Budget friendly will work if you stick to it, and make sure everyone’s schedules are clear so no one misses out. Happy planning!

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