10 Products That Will Help You Achieve the Perfect Air Dry

The air dry is that effortless, gorgeous hair look that seems so easy and yet…it’s a tricky one. We all want to be able to hop out of the shower and not have to reach for every heating tool we own. 

Read through to learn about the products that will help you get that Instagram perfect air dry, without the hassle.

Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme & Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray

Beside smelling great, this lightweight creme makes sure that your hair dries shiny and without the frizz. You can scrunch as it dries if you want to add extra texture, or just leave it as is!

If you want to take your hair an extra step, the Beach Wave Spray is perfect. After the Air Dry Creme and your hair is dry, this spray adds tons of shine and helps separate and accentuate your waves — without leaving your hair feeling dry like some salt sprays.

Garnier Fructis Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

A drugstore favourite that won’t break the bank, this Garnier product has Argan Oil to help keeps strand sleek without the heating tools. Tip: twist your hair as it dries to help your waves a long.

OUAI Air Dry Foam

Some foams can leave your crunchy and weight it down but OUAI’s wash & wear formula enhances natural waves, softens strands, fights frizz and adds definition. Plus it’s infused with kale, a millennial fave, that leaves the hair touchable and not crunchy.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day (PhD) in-shower styler

You can get started on your perfect air dry before you’ve even stepped out of the shower. Work this product in, rinse (but not fully!) and let it work it’s magic after you do a towel dry. It also features Living Proof’s Thickening Molecule (PBAE) so the  lightweight conditioner amps up your volume.

John Frieda Air Dry Waves

This foam is your BFF if you wave thick wavy or curly hair. It’s non-sticky formula gives curls and waves an extra boost while keeping them soft and canceling out the frizz. You can even use it on dry hair to help beat humidity frizz!

Verb Ghost Oil

Oils can be a little daunting because no one wants their hair to look oily, but this one from Verb doesn’t leave a trace.The Ghost Oil  revitalizes hair from roots to ends, and has Moringa oil blend that naturally smooths frizz and promotes radiant shine. Plus it’s amazing for all hair types.

IGK No More Blow

Air drying is great for your hair but it can take an awfully long time. IDK’s spray cuts drying time in half, so you can be on the go faster or have your hair dry during your commute to work. Thick haired beauties will thank IGK for this one.

R+Co Waterfall Moisture + Shine

This lotion smells amazing and will leave your hair with a serious amount of shine, R+Co even calls it a glaze. It adds all the moisture your hair needs to soak in and can be used to tame pesky flyaways when needed.

Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It

The best part of this product truly is that you can get it for both fine and thick hair so you know you’re using what’s best for your texture. It’s a cream that leaves your hair with body and texture, without the feel of product, and protects your strands from harmful UV rays.


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