Picture perfect engagement photoshoot ideas!

Engagement photoshoots are one of the most fun parts when you’re beginning to plan your big day! This is a time for you and your fiancé to make your debut to your friends and family -officially of course. Gone are the days of photoshoots in studios. It’s time to get out there and add some personality and flair to the photos. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

The Seasons: Every season offers gorgeous opportunities for photoshoots, with so many options for each but I’ve chosen some of my favourites. Pick the season that means the most to you two! Maybe you met in the fall or you both really love winter, but the shoot is about you two and your photos should reflect that.

Ready to tie the knot! This quirky photo takes being literal to a new level and it’s perfect. This saying has been around since the 13th century (crazy!) and the knot represents the bond between you and your soon-to-be hubby. Adorable.

Home Sweet Home: A trend that’s getting people talking in the engagement photo world is having your photos shot where you and your partner spend the most time together – home! These photos keep it casual but have such an intimate and fun feel.

Get Messy! Not afraid to get your hands a little dirty? These photos are just as cute as they are fun and you won’t forget the experience. Plus you get to keep a piece of art that you two created, if you managed to get the paint on the canvas and not just each other!

Taking off: Maybe you’re planning on a destination wedding or you both have a serious case of wanderlust; either way a travel-themed photo shoot would be perfect for a pair of jet-setters that can’t keep their feet on the ground. And vintage flair? Timeless romance.

Up in the air: You might have noticed giant balloons popping up on social media lately, and birthday girls don’t have to have all the fun. These balloons come in different colours to fit your fancy, adding the right amount of whimsy.

My best advice? Have fun with the pictures! They’re meant to be romantic and all about you two, so let your love and personalities be captured. These photos can be shown at your wedding and even be used for your save-the-dates. Engagement shoots are great for you as a couple to bond with a photographer, who could then be your wedding photographer as well!

Photos via: Alexandra Photography, Kristyn Hogan, KT Merry,  LK Studio, Floridian Social, Sphynge, GF Photography,  Modern Romance

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