Say yes to these engagement ring Instagram ideas!

You just got engaged, congratulations! Once the initial high of getting engaged wears off, you need to share this wonderful news with family and friends! After making a few phone calls (your parents will want to hear it from you and not through the rumour mill, trust me), it’s time to post the news on social media! You could keep it simple with an Insta of your freshly manicured nails and newest sparkly accessory…or you could try one of these creative ideas and share your engagement in style.

For the couple that can’t go a day without their coffee: Big fan of coffee? Show off your love for Starbucks and your ring by letting the cups do the talking. Just make sure you skip the names, or at least make sure they spell them right.

Make it a team effort and share the news together: You don’t want to leave the other half of your engagement out! If you’re not one for a selfie, this is a great shot to snap!  It’s great because it’s not hard either, even an iPhone will do the focusing for you if you tap on the ring and not your man. Bonus points if he does a fun pose in the background!

Give it a seasonal detail: Fall and winter are my favourite seasons, but you could make this work for any of them! Keep the focus on the ring and add in a Christmas touch, like yummy candy canes or some Christmas lights. It’s the perfect amount of holiday spirit! Personally, I’m partial to fall, and I love the idea of using a pumpkin to share the news, but colourful leaves or apples would do the trick.

Get your furry best friend in it! Who doesn’t love adorable furry friends? If you have a pet get them in the announcement to up the awe-factor. You can just let a couple paws in or let a sign announce the great news, this post will make sure to get anyone to smile.

For the couple that loves to travel: You could do this one a few different ways, depending on how the proposal goes. If the question is popped while on vacay, use the ring to pinpoint where you said yes on a map. Or if he asks just as you’re about to jump on the plane, grab a your passports and take a picture to let everyone know before the jet lag sets in. It’s a subtle way to share the exciting news, while showing off your personality as a couple.

Add that floral touch: Adding fresh flowers into a picture is a lovely way to add colour, and what girl doesn’t love fresh flowers? I love this idea because depending on your favourite bloom, the possibilities for arranging the ring in there is endless! You can also recreate this shot on your big day with the wedding bands too!

Show off your reaction: This is definitely a high-tech way to go, but totally awesome. This ring box lets you record the entire proposal, secretly of course. Sure it’s cool to share with the friends but it’s even better that you now have the exact moment caught on film! It’ll definitely up the “aww” factor in your photo and bring a unique flair to sharing the news.

Share your love story: I’m a bookworm at heart and this shot will probably win me over. Flip open your favourite book and there’s the ring. You can go with a romantic classic or a current favourite, and let your own love story begin.

Grab a drink, grab a glass: You’re now engaged, eager to share the news and want to celebrate with your favourite drink. Why not combine the two? Maybe it’s relaxing and having a beer with your soon-to-be hubby or a glass of your favourite merlot, both make a cute post. It also allows you to share the ring in its entirety because who wouldn’t want to share their newest sparkly accessory?

Whatever way you choose to share your news on social media, make sure it says something about you as a couple. There’s nothing better than seeing the couple’s personality come out in their big announcement!  

Photos via: Deonna Caruso, Dandy Pear, Chelsea Darino, Cristina Wisner, Ali & Garrett,  Ring Cam, and Vanessa Stander

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