Sparkle & shine with these New Year’s Eve wedding ideas!

Bringing in the New Year with those you love most is wonderful. Having your wedding night on that very same night? Amazing! What better way to start off a new chapter of your life than starting fresh in a New Year! And this time of the year, that festive magic can make your night extra special. Here are some ideas to ring in the new year and new marriage!

Puttin’ on the glitz
You simply cannot have too much sparkle on NYE! Doll up your bridesmaids in sequins in your favourite colours and they’ll add extra shine to the photos, and to the night. (Pssst, the Maddy dress would be perfect for this!)

New Year, new outlook
These table numbers are a creative way to get your guests starting off the year on a good note. You can come up with the resolutions with your hubby. Make them clever or ones that get your guests thinking!

A tasty time
Almost too cute to eat are these tasty treats that give your guests a good reason to keep their eye on the time! They’re so easy to decorate that they could be a fun DIY project!

Timeless décor
Silver and gold mean instant glam, and there’s no short of it at this time of the year. Embrace the New Year’s accessories you grew up with; the noise makers and the top hats are perfect and transform them in very fitting decorations!

All that glitters is gold
Make the night feel like the celebration it is by adding in confetti! Whether it be just for photos, fun, your grand exit, or at midnight, let it rain glitter and watch it bring out the kid in everyone.

Let the sparks fly
Sparkers are one of the first things that come to mind when I think of NYE. You get to hold a little bit of sparkle and magic in your hand (just make sure the young ones are careful). Keep them for a couple photo session, or hand them out to everyone at midnight – just don’t forget the matches or lighters!

Signing off
What a great twist on the guestbook! Have your guests sign on a bottle of bubbly that you can drink on your first anniversary.

Out with a bang
Put on a show for your guests and anyone in the area, at midnight. Fireworks are a spectacle that you just can’t help but love, as a kid or when you get older. They make for great, memorable, photos and are a great way to end a celebration.

An extra dose and sparkle  to your wedding night is needed at this time of the year, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. New Year’s Eve is already a special night and marrying the one you’re in love with on the same day? Pure magic. Plus, you won’t forget your anniversary! Enjoy the new beginnings, in marriage and in the year!

Photos via: Jose Villa, Pink Lotus Events, Hetler Photography, Kristin Vining, Apryl Ann, New Jersey Bride, and Jess Barfield

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