Warm ways to keep everyone cozy at a winter wedding!

Winter is a magical time of the year. With the holidays on their way and the snow falling down, it makes you feel like you’re in a sparking snow globe! There are so many gorgeous touches you can have at your wedding this season, but you can’t leave your guests out in the cold. Here are some ideas to keep your guests warm when they step into your winter wonderland!

Happiness in a mug
Hot chocolate is a holiday treat and guests will be able to enjoy this yummy drink and warm themselves up at the same time! Include different toppings and flavours to please everyone and it’s sure to be a hit. You can even have custom mugs that act as wedding favours!

Bundle together
Let your guests settle in with the comfort of a soft blanket, cuddling optional. Having guests share these blankets will bring everyone closer and you’ll start to feel like it’s a family night in. This is also a great way to tie in your wedding colours to add that extra personal touch.

Light them up
Candles don’t just make your reception have a romantic feel, they warm up the whole room! They also photograph beautifully and will make you feel like you’re in your own Christmas tale.

Comfort food
Give your guests classic comfort food. A comforting idea is serving grilled cheese and soup to give them a boost of energy and warmth as the night goes on. These bite-sized servings are adorable and the right amount to keep guests moving on the dance floor without filling them too much!

Steal Santa’s style
Don’t forget about yourself and the wedding party! If you need to get around for photos or different locations, take advantage of the snow and use a sleigh! You don’t get to do this too often but everyone gathered together will be toasty and the photos are seasonally perfect.

Give the gift of warmth
Send your guests home with warm hearts and warm hands! Let your guests have a reminder of your day every time it gets a little chilly outside, it really is the gift that keeps giving every winter.

Adding the magic of weddings and winter together is sure to make the day a winter wonderland everyone will keep dreaming about. Everyone will be having a great time that they might even forget about the cold! But it doesn’t hurt to have a few things ready just in case.

Photos via: Mountain Modern Life, Sarah Kathleen, Anna Hardy, Lisa Berry, Laura Murray, and Orange Girl

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