Wedding cake traditions you can’t resist!

Weddings are a celebration of love; and luckily for me, a celebration that holds some of the most yummy treats! Of course, the wedding cake is the star of the show. But the wedding cake isn’t just there for you to drool over all night, it has a lot of tradition packed into the tiers!

Where it all began…
The wedding cake has been around for a looooong time! Way back in Ancient Rome, bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good luck to the new couple. And in Medieval England? Cakes were stacked as high as possible and then the bride and groom would kiss over top! I think we should bring this tradition back, it sounds adorable and imagine the amount of cake. Endless.  

Making the cut
There’s more to this moment than just being able to taste that yummy cake you’ve been stealing glances of all night. The cake cutting represents the first activity done as newlyweds and a couple. It’s a great moment for the photographer too!

Having the cake and eating it too
After the big cut, the bride and groom feeding each other is a symbol of their commitment to provide for one another, with an extreme “awww!” factor. It’s becoming more common for the couple to shove the cake in each other’s faces as well but please, bride and grooms alike, chat about this beforehand! That could end up not being the sweet surprise you had planned.

Saving the top for last
Most couples (and I would be guilty of this I’m sure) can’t resist saving their top tier until their first anniversary. But if you have strong willpower, you can have a cake eating celebration for two with your favourite bottle of wine and a look at photos from your first year together.

The charmed life
This tradition has been forgotten and that’s all the reason to bring it back. Each charm baked into the cake has a special meaning attached and a different kind of special luck will fall on the guest who receives a charm. You can make it a little easier for them (and avoid any charm swallowing) by having a ribbon attached to the hidden charm.

Curious about the meanings behind the charms? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Heart: true love
Ring: upcoming engagement
Wishing Well: wishes coming true
Baby carriage: children
Clover or horseshoe: good luck
Rocking Chair: long life
Anchor: adventure
Flower: new love
Purse: good fortune
Wedding Bells: marriage
Picture frame: happy life

Around the world
Wedding cakes around the world can be totally different than the ones we’re used to seeing here in North America. In Japan, it’s common to have a gorgeous decorated artificial cake for the wedding centerpiece. France takes the cake (eye rolls allowed) for my favourite worldly choice: the croquembouche. This masterpiece is created by classic French cream puff pastries stacked dramatically into a tall cone shape, and adorned with spun sugar. Très magnifique!

Twists on tradition
If you want to break away from the tall white cake, there’s other tasty options out there! A tower of cupcakes adds a whimsical touch, a stand of macaroons is simply beautiful and wedding pies have a warm rustic charm

Wedding cakes are one tasty tradition I never want to go without, and they’re enjoyed by guests young and old. Make sure to get the tradition caught on camera and enjoy the sweetness of your new marriage!

Photos via: Pinterest, Merle, Pink Pearl.

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