Here’s what you need to know about bridesmaids (and their dresses!)

After saying yes to the big question, you have a big question to ask your number one ladies! And while today bridesmaids are your rock and keep you grounded throughout the planning and excitement of the big day, the origin of this special duty is based on superstition.

Who’s the bride?

Having trouble figuring out who the bride is in this picture? Then historically speaking, mission accomplished. Even though this wedding isn’t from Ancient Rome, they’ve got the idea down. The bridesmaids all dressed exactly, or very similar to the bride. Yup, everyone in white gowns! This is where the superstition comes in: they all dressed the same because this way they could confuse the evil spirits who had it out for the bride. Spooky huh? Now this lovely bride has just a few bridesmaids, but back in Ancient Rome, it was nothing to have ten at that time. Even the groomsmen had the same matching gig with the groom!

Matching matters

After moving away from the idea of protecting the bride, bridesmaids still matched. The number of bridesmaids changed from wedding to wedding, but matching dresses was cue. This trend isn’t gone either, and it does have a certain charm in photos!

Close and yet so far

If you scroll a little too fast you would think these bridesmaids are matching, but not quite! An idea that suits both the bride and the bridesmaids is having the same colour for all and using different styles. I’m a fan of this idea because it lets the bridesmaids choose a style they’re comfortable in! They look stunning, and they chose a look they can all rock, everyone wins.

Anything goes


Something that’s gained more popularity is having everything mismatched and I can get behind this. Sticking to a colour palette and having different dress styles has a casual feel that I love. You can add your colours to photos, choose styles that show off your theme, and the girls can pick a dress they love.

In your wedding, you can have as many or as few bridesmaids as you wish. After all, this is your big day and you call the shots. Your bridesmaids still have duties to fulfil, but luckily there is tons of help available to lend them a hand. In the end, it’s all about who you share your wedding with and who helps to make it memorable!

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