Flattering dress styles for your body type!

Finding the dress that makes you feel your best can be a hard day’s work, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re like me, you have to be in the best mood to go shopping and tackle the racks upon racks of things you want to try on. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned after shopping for dresses is that a dress isn’t going to look amazing on you just because it does on a friend, a mannequin or a hanger. And that’s okay! The reason for this? Body types. Yup, we all have one (and maybe one that fits into a few categories, I call those the hybrid body types) and understand yours can go a looong way on the dress search.

Breaking it down

Traditionally, body types are divided into four categories: the hourglass, the triangle,the inverted triangle and the rectangle. These types are easy in the way that they’re straightforward but a little tricky if you fit into more than one. But don’t worry just yet…

Lately designers, stores, sites, basically everyone has (finally) started to realize you can’t fit everyone into four categories! And really, if we had a diagram to show you every shape that exists this post would go on for days. The diamond, oval, and pear shape are wonderful additions and with this drawing, you should be able to narrow down your shape!

Here’s a full breakdown, with a few dress ideas from Pastel Dress Party! 

Hips and shoulders are similar in size, and you have a well defined waist.

What to look for:

  • scooped v-necks
  • sheath gowns (to show off your figure)
  • ball gowns
  • mermaid/trumpet style skirt (show the curves!)

Hips are wider than your shoulders.

What to look for:

  • tighter top and fuller skirt (think a-line!)
  • empire waistline
  • mix and match a skirt with a top (because you’re different sizes for each)
  • a short dress (tea length is perfect)

Inverted Triangle
Shoulders are wider than your hips.

What to look for:

  • ballgowns (the full skirt gives you balance)
  • mermaid/trumpet style
  • short dresses (draw the eye down to a great pair of heels)

Shoulders, hips and waist are all around the same size.

What to look for:

  • short dress
  • a-line (creates an hourglass shape)
  • sheath gown

Narrow shoulder and narrow hips.

What to look for:

  • empire waist
  • sleeves (add in detail such as lace)
  • mermaid/trumpet style skirts
  • wrap dresses
  • low necklines

Similar to the the diamond shape, with more weight in the midsection.

What to look for:

  • v-neckline
  • a dress that cinches at your waist (or add a belt)
  • a-line (ballgowns, for example, will add more weight)

Again, similar to the oval shape (told you there were hybrids!) with full bottom and thighs.

What to look for:

  • natural waistlines
  • a skirt that flows (again, a-line is your friend!)
  • v-neckline

Always try on dresses. If you hate one instantly, take it off. Love one instantly? Yes! Perfect! Remember it’s not just how the dress feels, but how it makes YOU feel, and we want you to feel amazing. If you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, you want to feel gorgeous on the big day!







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