The year of…eunry?

If you know me, you know that for a very long time I wouldn’t be caught dead near any shade of pink. Now you’re probably reading this and confused because even the blog is a shade of pink…so yes, there’s been a change. 

But the colour I’ve started to see more and more in my wardrobe isn’t a bright pink, it’s called eunry and I’m obsessed. It’s more of a subtle pink, with grey tones and dusty rose notes. It warms up skin tones, can be used as a neutral and goes so good with gold (another change I made, I used to be a silver only girl). As far as I can tell, it’s lovely in the winter and bringing it with me into spring won’t be an issue. 

My long time favourite nail polish Eternal Optimist by essie is an amazing drugstore find to suit this love I have for this colour family. And the wedding options with this colour on your mind? Endless, Pinterest has you covered. 

So 2016 has a colour theme for me and: eunry. 

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