Weddings & why I love everything (and writing) about them

Little me, circa 90s, rocking my first wedding dress.

Little me, circa 90s, rocking my first wedding dress.

I’m in my last semester of school for journalism and most people (rightfully) assume I want to write for a newspaper. The look on their face when I say that I want to write for a wedding magazine is a shocked one to say the least. They kind of scoff, and wait for a reason. 

“Why weddings?”  

My love for weddings began a long time ago when I saw bits of the movie The Runaway Bride as I tried to stay awake in a hotel on a family trip, that was the Hollywood factor. One of my aunts got married on my birthday when I was younger and at the dinner when everyone sang happy birthday to me I thought the entire dinner was also for me, which was awesome. Add these together, and then I watch TLC wedding shows religiously and I will admit I once had a Tiffany & Co. wedding ring app on my phone. Weddings have dancing and love and family and great food, why wouldn’t I love them? And why wouldn’t I want to write about something I love? 

The thing about the news world I can’t stand is that bad news is good news, it’s depressing! Writing about weddings is all genuine happiness, it’s usually called the best day of the couple’s life. And getting to be a tiny part of that is pretty special. I’ll admit I’m a hopeless romantic and I’ll never get tired of reading how couples met or how the proposal went down. Weddings also tie in my love of all things beauty, the hair and makeup are some of my favourite details. And the dress…ohhhhh the dress! I’m trying to learn more about fashion and I’m always in awe of the wedding gowns. 

My love of weddings can be amusing to people, especially when they find out I’m no where close to marriage. They just assume I’m married or engaged and I’m certainly not! At stores I browse wedding magazines out of habit and strangers say congratulations and honestly sometimes it’s easier to just say thank you instead of explain. The reaction that amuses me the most is a guy’s, because of the wide eyes and fear like a deer in headlights. And then I explain that it’s essentially my job to have weddings all over my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and that sets them at ease. Just because I adore weddings doesn’t mean I’m ready for one! 

I know it’s a field that people don’t even think of when they think of journalism, but as long as there’s weddings I’ll have something to write about. 

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