Kismet Essentials’ Coco Rinse – Review

When Kismet Essentials reached out to me to write a review on their first product, the Coco Rinse, I jumped at the chance. Kismet Essentials is a company based in Vancouver that tries to use only natural ingredients with their products. The Coco Rinse kit, for example, is organic, uses virgin cold pressed oils, and is non-GMO and fair trade. 

I’ve heard about oil pulling before, whether on the internet or from friends of friends, and I’ve always been curious. It’s certainly been trending big these days, and Kismet aims to make this more convenient by having all the packets set for you.  

The kit comes with 14 little packets, each full of coconut oil that is supposed to have a mint flavour to it – I personally didn’t taste much of anything, coconut or mint. All you have to do is ‘pull’ the oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. I tended to do it when I was in the shower, it’s a nice little time filler that doesn’t take away from your morning routine. 

Here’s what the product is said to help you with: 

  • Whiter Teeth
  • Fresher Breath
  • Reduced Plaque and Tartar Build Up
  • Reduced Headaches
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Clearer, Softer Skin

The folks at Kismet have done their research and you can check out the benefits of oil pulling here. 

Because it is a detox of sorts there are a few potential side effects as well. An initial headache and your stomach not feeling the best, for example, because it is pulling the toxins on out and your body can react differently. Also, just a warning, your jaw will hurt the first few times because hey who’s used to swishing things in their mouth for that long? Make sure you throw out the oil after you swish, as putting it down a pipe could clog it if it gets cold and hardens up!

The kits retail for $29.99 with a $10 shipping flat-rate worldwide.

So what do I think?

(Before & after pictures aren’t one of my strengths, but there wasn’t a whole lot to capture – we’ll get to that) 

After swishing daily for two weeks (save for one day because my sister wanted to try it) here’s what I think. 

What I liked: 

I didn’t mind the taste at all, and I found the process calming. It made my teeth feel cleaner, and my mouth in general, which surprised me as an avid brusher.  It made me feel like I had fresh breath, even without that strong of mint taste. My friend who’s also trying out the coco rinse does taste the mint, so maybe that bit is just me! 

I wish I had used my DSLR for the pictures because I really noticed a difference in plaque – which I didn’t expect!     

What I’m not so sure of: 

I didn’t notice whiter teeth at all, which was disappointing.

To be fair, I do have quite white teeth because I use whitening toothpaste regularly. I also didn’t notice any of the other benefits such as reduced headaches, softer skin or reduced hormones.

You all know I keep my reviews honest because I look at my readers as friends, and I have to say this is a product that I wouldn’t purchase. I know that oil pulling has worked for other people, I’ve read a handful of positive reviews online, but it just didn’t cut it with me. I also know you can get a jar of coconut oil at your local health food store, and that might be worth a try as well. 

If you’ve tried oil pulling before, let me know your thoughts! 




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  1. Andreanne
    October 24, 2016 / 3:49 am

    I heard some people had pretty bad side effects, I’m glad you’re not one of them! I would never do it myself, I’m wwaaaayy too lazy to spend 10 minutes doing this every day haha

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