Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding Menu

Keeping your guests happy should be a top priority during your wedding day.

While there are a number of ways you could do this, getting your catering right is often the most effective. Many guests (hi, me!) look forward to the wedding dinner almost as much as the ceremony itself so providing a fantastic menu of delicious food is an absolute must. Not only can it keep your guests happy, it can also make your wedding even more unforgettable.

But despite its importance, many couples fail to spend enough time planning this important meal. This, unfortunately, results in them making bad decisions.

To make sure your menu is deliciously perfect, avoid these big mistakes at all costs.

Forgetting to consider the guest list

Your guest list should have a significant influence on the style of menu you want on your big day.

Many couples make the mistake of forgetting to consider the size of their guest list before choosing their food and this can result in you choosing a style that is inappropriate and difficult for your wedding hospitality services to provide. It could also mean you have to spend more money than you intended on additional food and staff.

To avoid this mistake, consider the style of menu that will best suit the number of guests you have invited – buffets often work best for large weddings whereas sit down meals are more suitable for intimate events.

Catering to every dietary preference

Many couples make the mistake of trying to cater to every dietary preference and restriction there is.

You might have guests attending who have nut (yup) or gluten allergies and many people are also choosing vegan and vegetarian lifestyles nowadays, and naturally you want to please your guests. But catering to every possible dietary preference is virtually impossible and it can also be costly as additional meals will need to be prepared and served.

The best way of avoiding this mistake and keeping your sanity is by asking for guests dietary requirements when you invite them. This should then be clearly communicated to your caterer or wedding venue. Don’t forget to consider what food appeals to you and your man enjoy too!

Not serving enough food

In an attempt to reduce the costs of their wedding, couples will choose to serve the bare minimum amount of food. Which is evil, in my opinion. 

While this might save them money, it can leave them with hungry guests and hungry can mean hangry. This can lower the tone of your wedding and also make your guest more likely to get intoxicated and make bad choices. 

Choose the size of your portions carefully and always buy more than you think you will need. You should also consider serving a variety of snacks after your wedding dinner too. This will ensure your guests are satisfied throughout your reception and help keep their spirits high.

Your wedding dinner (or whichever meal) should be a meal you remember having for the rest of your life, as it’s your first meal now as a married couple with all the people you love most – give it the attention it deserves! Make time in your wedding schedule to find caterers and taste multiple menus before committing to your final choice, plus who doesn’t love tasting yummy foods?


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