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Summer has quickly faded away and now winter seems like it’s right at our doorsteps. Some days, anyway, the Toronto weather has been a little strange lately. Thankfully even with the seasons changing, a comfortable and stylish bra always remains a lovely accessory. 

I’m back with three bras from Naturana, including one of their best sellers. They’re all neutral, perfect for any age and with wear seamlessly under holiday dresses and comfy knit sweaters, let’s take a look!

Padded Bra with Wide Straps

Here’s one of the best sellers, ladies! 

I received this bra in black (okay yes I know you can see but just saying) and it’s a comfy one. like the description says, the straps are wide for both comfort and help them stay in place, for me anyway!

The padding isn’t too thick at all, think t-shirt bra, and it provides seamless coverage so it’s extra good for tighter dressers or tops. 

Of course it’s available in a huge selection of sizes on their site and sits at $30, so you won’t have to break the bank. 

Floral Underwire Bra

I’m all for comfort but we know the way to my heart is lace, always. And seeing as this is comfy as well, there’s no negatives here. 


This bra has an underwire for support and no padding, so it’s nice and light to wear. It’s also available in three colours, and that includes black if you want it to feel a little more edgy than the demure ivory and white. 

The midriff band in the middle also helps with support, but since it’s a sheer lace panel it doesn’t take away from the style at all. 

This bra does have a triple hook closure instead of the double, like the black up top, and has the traditional straps, that I personally find just as comfortable (but the wide still stay up better). 

Lacy Microfibre Bra

Behold: my favourite bra of the three. 


Microfibre means soft, like really soft, But since it’s still medium support it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable wearing it out. 

I will admit it does have an older feel to it but if that isn’t your style it comes in a beautiful marsala and black as well. The cotton lining adds to the comfort too, and please if you’re reading this and can think of another word for me to use instead of comfy just tell me because I know I keep saying it but it just…fits. 

The back has full coverage which I think is what helps the bra remain supportive even without the underwire or a whole lot of padding. And it has the triple hook closure and usual adjustable straps!

Let me know your favourite from these three and stay tuned for my next Naturana post featuring shape wear! 


  1. L. Gregson
    November 13, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    At one time I think you shared a discount code…. is that still in effect?

    • Brianne Cail
      November 15, 2016 / 2:28 am

      You bet it is! I’ll make sure to share the code again on FB as well!

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