Beneath the Veil Bridal Event

On Sunday I attended my first wedding show in a looooong time downtown Toronto at the lovely Rosewater. 

I had never been to the Rosewater so, as always, I was excited to check out a new place in the city!

The restaurant has three floors, all of which were used for the show. The lighting wasn’t the best on the top two floors, but of course that wouldn’t affect it as a restaurant! Naturally I forgot to grab my DSLR so some of the photos are less than ideal, but oh well – I tried my best to edit them so bear with me.

I went to the show fairly late in the day, the weather was horrid in the morning and I just take a really long time to get ready. By the time I got to the show it was winding down, which I didn’t mind at all. 

Now, this is the first show I’ve been to attending as myself, a wedding blogger. Sincerely, Bri if you will. I wasn’t sure that it would be any different than the numerous shows I’ve worked at with PDP or volunteered at, and turns out it kind of was.

I’m not sure if it was because it was late in the day so vendors were tuckered out, for example, only one vendor on the first floor (a girl from The Wedding Opera who was lovely) even said hi and then chatted with me, the rest were on their phones or talking amongst themselves.

I think it’s just my personality (and years of working retail) that make me want to greet people in this type of setting but I found it strange some didn’t return my smile or say hello…maybe that’s just me though! And certainly when I admitted that no, I wasn’t engaged and just a wedding blogger it changed everything, I guess there’s not as much pressure to make a good impression to book a sale? I’m not sure! 

Nonetheless I did meet a few vendors that were amazing, both in conversation and what they offer for bride-to-bes (and the men). 

Laura Jayne – Bridal Accessories 

This is what I mean with the lighting not being the best – my photos do not do these pieces justice! 

If you want to have the most sparkly accessories, handmade in Toronto to boot, on your big day then I would say Laura Jayne has you beautifully covered. They specialize in customization – something I am a huge fan of with weddings! It’s your day and I truly believe that everything should reflect you and your style. 

They also just launched their Angela Nuran shoes which while also customizable, my favourite are the ribbon ones on the right, were designed by a professional dancer. Meaning? Comfort! I felt the sole and it’s like a cushion! I know that I wouldn’t do good in heels anyway, but if you’re going to do heels they shouldn’t kill your feet. 

Find them on social media & get ready for some serious accessory envy:

Opening Night Flowers by Nicholas Smith 

Flowers are my favourite part of a wedding. 

I regret this a little bit because now I know how expensive they are…but they’re always so gorgeous! I always look forward to the floral displays at shows, and Beneath the Veil did not disappoint. 

I’ve met Nick (can I call him that? Should I stick with Nicholas?) of Opening Night Flowers a few times at different events and he is hilarious, kind and talented. This time around I got to know a bit more about him and there’s no mistaking his passion for the floral field.

Flower arrangements, once upon a time, were a stress reliever for him until he turned it into a career. He assured me that it still calms him down and he loves it just as much, which I was happy to hear. He travels for inspiration and he takes great pride in his work – deservingly so. He’s even been to a succulent farm which I am so jealous of! 

Yes the flowers are beautiful, but honestly his personality just tops everything off. We had a great chat about what he does, what I (am trying) to do and that always makes me put a little mental star beside a vendor. 

You can find Opening Night Flowers all over social media to start planning your dream florals:

By Catalfo

I finally got to meet the designer behind this gorgeous brand that I’ve followed on Instagram for ages! 

Sarah designs and creates stunning bridesmaid dresses, bridal kimonos and robes with prints and lace details that, once again, my photos won’t quite do justice.

She’s been in the design game since she was 17 and she does amazing work. I knew that they were by her but I never realized she made everything personally and I love this.

This dress (below) was a custom design from this past summer, and the back details are gorgeous, we all know I love lace. 

Sarah is as beautiful as her creations, we’re talking inside and out here, and I loved that I was finally able to put a name to the face! 

Find her on social media and be prepared to have a serious wish list:

Gift’d by Natasha Morris 

This woman deserves a huge round of applause because Beneath the Veil was her first show! And, if I do say so myself, she did an amazing job. 

Gift’d is a boutique personal concierge service based in Toronto. What is that exactly? Natasha is basically a fairy godmother! If you need favours for your guests, bridal party, groomsmen, she’ll get to know you and your budget and make it happen. She doesn’t just do weddings either, which is amazing. 

She is all about the details and taking everything that one step further to make it better. 

Like the flowers! She noticed that a lot of brides, well more and more these days, are opting for paper flowers because of allergies and cost so she made this display of beautiful paper ones. 

Also a rare sighting – something for the men! Seriously, the men are usually left behind at these events and while I kind of get it, they’re still a huge part of the day! My personal favourite was the customized whiskey label, so clever. 

Look up Natasha on social media to see more of the magic she works:


It was a good show. While it didn’t have an entirely large welcoming vibe like most of the shows I’ve been to, the few vendors I did connect with were amazing. I’m seriously considering wearing a fake engagement ring to my next show to see if that makes a difference with how the vendors react to me! Too crazy? Maybe… 

The best part about the swag bag? Chocolates and wedding magazines. Tons of coupons too, but sadly I have no need for them just yet. 

If you’re eager for more wedding inspo make sure to check out my wedding board on Pinterest and happy planning! 



  1. October 5, 2016 / 3:40 PM

    Beautiful blog post! It was a great show with so many amazing vendors! Thank you for sharing and for including By CATALFO in your highlights! XoXo

    • Brianne Cail
      October 6, 2016 / 1:36 AM

      Of course!! So glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Lauren-And Coffee Blog
    October 12, 2016 / 2:54 AM

    Wow those all look amazing! Especially Sarah’s designs! I’m not engaged or anything, but I’m totally bookmarking this for future reference! (And sharing with all my engaged friends!) Everything looked absolutely lovely! Great post Bri!

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