GOSH Cosmetics – The New Core Products

GOSH Cosmetics has a whole bunch of new core products here to stay & I tried out a whole bunch of them for weeks, and I’ve narrowed it down to the must-haves going into fall!


9 Shades to be Cool in Copenhagen

These eyeshadows are matte and easy to blend and wear. My only issue with them is that the lighter colours don’t show up on me too well – they blend in a little too much! But they are very soft verging on creamy, shadows. 

That's the matte eye shadow stick at the top there!

That’s the matte eye shadow stick at the top there!

Forever Matt Eye Shadow Stick – Nougat 

I am in love with this!

I’ve worn it almost every day these past few weeks, and it does stick my goodness. I even drew on my sister’s stomach and she couldn’t wash it off on the shower…it’s impressive. Comes off easily with a makeup wipe or a good makeup remover though, don’t fret. 

General tip: it doesn’t work well with other shades on top, because it gets hard to blend once it sticks to the skin!

Mine is in the shade nougat, and it comes in three other shades as well. I can’t find it on the website so hopefully they’re still out there!  

Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara 

This perfume and paraben free mascara shocked me, I won’t lie. 

Not entirely sure about the seaweed ingredient situation, it’s in their brow sculpting fibre gel too, but I like what it does to my lashes! Nice and long, no clumps, a little bit of volume and no flaking. 

I pair it with Marcelle’s curling mascara and it’s a perfect match, and Marcelle is also carried exclusively at Shoppers!

Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel 

This is an excellent dupe for Benefit’s Gimme Brow! 

It builds up the brow and adds volume plus colour. The one I was sent (chestnut) is a tad too dark for me so I use just a little tiny bit and a little goes a long way so it works perfectly. It certainly helps keep your brows in place all day, even on the hotter days. 

Primer Plus Skin Perfector

And here we have another product that has made its way into my daily routine. 

This is an awesome primer that sure keeps your foundation in in place, but also evens out your skin tone (huge fan of this) and gives you a subtle glow. It helps keep your skin moisturized too which will be super helpful once the cold weather really sets in.

Lumi Drops

These two little guys confused me at first! 

Apparently you can wear them alllll over the face but I think I would look like a glazed donut. I use them for strobing, and I tend to use the bronze. The vanilla will work great when I’ve reached peak pale! 

They take a bit to get used to blending wise, but they add a super glow. I’m curious that make if I mix one drop into my foundation if it would be a nice glow or make me look like a movie vampire in the sun…that will be my next test!

Contour N’ Strobe Kit

Before I used this kit, I was strictly a cream contour kind of girl and you couldn’t convince me otherwise. 

Yet this has become the kit I grab instead, and it’s so much easier than I thought. It’s easy to blend and I find the contour is more natural, if that’s possible. I like that it comes with two bronzer shades: I use the darker one for my cheekbones and the lighter one around my face and into my hairline.


I will admit that I googled this before I used it, I was so lost.

You can use it alone as a foundation of course, I find it fairly light but you can build it up for sure but here’s what I do with it: I mix a few drops (one or two and remember to shake it!) of this one in 002 Ivory with a tiny bit of my Dermablend to make the perfect shade for me. Works like a charm and is #flawless. I had to use the hashtag, it’s that great! 

Overnight Primer Oil Essence

Another product that had me stumped at first, I’ve never explored the oils world. 

Putting this on before bed keeps you hydrated all night and, at least in my case, makes you look a little less scary and a little more refreshed in the morning. What I’ve learned though is that it can be bad for oily/combo skin so I’m selective where I apply it! 

What should you purchase?

If I were going back to Shoppers to re-stock on any of these here’s what I wouldn’t leave the store without:

  • Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara
  • Primer Plus Skin Perfector
  • Contour N’Strobe Kit
  • #Foundationdrops
  • Forever Matt Eye Shadow Stick

Have I sold you on any?! 

But really, what product would you be most excited to try? 

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  1. October 12, 2016 / 2:49 am

    Awesome review! I can’t wait to read more on the drops! I was reading and thinking, "I wonder what would happen if she mixed it in her foundation?" then I continued reading and you said that was next! Can’t wait for that review! The mascara and primer sound amazing! I’m always down for a good volume mascara and a great primer (especially with my oily skin!)

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