Dermablend Professional | Event & Review

A bit ago (okay quite a long time ago I feel, October flew by!) I attended the Dermablend Professional event here in Toronto thanks to 1Milk2Sugars and learned all about the new products that have since touched down at select Shoppers Drug Mart and about the company. 

Really though, Dermablend has been around for along time! My mom remembers it from when she was younger and while it’s changed a bit, it still remains just as trusted. Here’s some history: Created by an American dermatologist, Dermablend has been recognized as the expert in camouflage cosmetics since 1981. Today, Dermablend is the #1 dermatologist recommended camouflage brand in the US with formulas that go beyond coverage to transform. 

This new line though, is completely different (even the ingredients) then what was around back when it was under the Vichy umbrella. It’s never even been seen in Canada!

The event had cocktails and tasty treats (the chocolate dipped strawberries were to de for) and of course demonstrations! I was, and still am, blown away by what this makeup can cover up. 

Take a look!

This was a quick demo that was done in front of us and isn’t that SO cool?! It blends so nicely and then once you top it off with the setting powder you are set for hours! 

We got to chat with makeup artists who matched us with our shade and sent on home with the new products. I was matched quite dark, so I’ve taken to adding a few drops of GOSH foundation drops to lighten it up, you’ll see! 

Shall we get to the review?

You can tell that it’s a little too dark for me, but it’s the star of the show.

The coverage says medium but I would say it’s more full. This isn’t going to make a lot of sense maybe but while you can’t feel it on, it goes on awfully smooth, I don’t like touching my face when it’s on because it has a slight oily feel. This doesn’t deter me at all, I wear this daily. 

It does have quite a steep price tag but with it’s lasting power and how little goes a long way, I think it’s worth it. 

It is so, so key to use their setting powder! Makes a world of a difference with the feel and lasting power. 

The setting powder is a must-have for setting the SMOOTH Liquid Camo! I am very much not used to this extra step, I never set my makeup, but now I know it makes a huge difference. It does come with a…puff? But I prefer to use a large brush! 

The thing about the foundation is that once it’s on, it is on and it can be tricky to take off!

This makeup remover strips your skin off all makeup (even tricky liquid lipsticks) and gently too. My only bone to pick with it is that it doesn’t lather so I feel like it just slides around my face, even when it is removing the makeup. 

This is going to be my go-to foundation for the winter, I’m not sure how it would last with the summer heat – even though it doesn’t budge one bit. My skin has red undertones that are really hard to tone down but this liquid camo covers it all up, not even a need for concealer or primer! 


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