How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding In Six Easy Steps

Even though it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, wedding planning is incredibly stressful. It’s hard to know what you want, and it’s difficult to stay organized.

Here are some tips to help you on your way.


You need to decide what’s most important to you about your wedding day. You only have a certain amount of money to spend so you need to figure out what exactly you’d most like to spend it on. Maybe the most important thing to you is having all your family and friends there, or perhaps you’d rather splash out on a destination wedding a few hours from home. No matter what you want, you can make it happen if you organise it carefully.

Consider Your Venue


First of all, you need to make your list of guests. Without that, you have no idea what size venue you need or what you require from them. Some venues like hotels provide food but with others you might have to hire separate caterers. Others have requirements about how late into the night you can party. Some are a lot more flexible than others but might require you to do more of the planning yourself – which might be great if you want to micromanage your wedding! No matter what, you can find a venue that suits you.

Keep Planning

It’s hard to keep track of what you have and haven’t done and which parts of your wedding you’ve booked and paid for. When you start planning, create a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel and make sure you keep updating it every time you pay for something, along with cancellation dates and fees in case you change your mind. In addition, keep a folder with all your receipts in it.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Make sure that you put all the necessary information on your invites. For instance, if you have a themed wedding and you’d like your guests to add a vintage twist to their outfits, give them plenty of warning in advance! Make a wedding website with a link to your gift registry and all your wedding information like dates and addresses, in case any disorganised guests lose their invitations.

Add Extra Touches To Your Wedding

Remember that it’s the added touches that will make your wedding fun and memorable for your guests – make it a party to remember! Companies like Celebrations Wedding Hire provide popcorn carts, cotton candy machines and adult bouncy castles along with decorations and bubble machines. Put photographs of yourself and the groom on the walls so your guests can share in the happy memories that you’ve already made together.

Make Memories At Your Special Day

One of the best ways to create memories at your wedding is photography. Splash out on a high quality photographer and make sure you look through their portfolio and read their testimonials first to ensure their work is what you want. Put old-fashioned disposable cameras on each table so your guests can take impromptu pictures of each other. You could also use a photo booth with costumes in so your guests can have fun taking photographs and also have souvenirs to take home themselves. Make sure you have a guestbook for them to stick the photographs in, along with handwritten messages.


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