Making Your Social Media Wedding A Fabulous Affair

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By Naomi Shaw

Bio: Naomi Shaw lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids. She is a journalist and stay at home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and interior design.

Social media has become such a big part of everyone’s lives that not bringing it to your wedding feels out of place. However, weddings are an event of grace and class, so you need to prevent social media from making things awkward or taking over. Here are some rules to follow.

Get a Wedding Hashtag!

A wedding hashtag is a fun way to make your wedding more enjoyable in the days and weeks leading up to it. Basically how it works is that the bride and groom will choose a hashtag that’s a blend of their names, and then use this on social media so that when they or guests chat about the wedding, the hashtag will be used, grouping all the messages together. This makes it easier for people to converse online about the event.

Don’t Ruin the Surprise

Although it’s fun to share information about your wedding on sites like Instagram and Facebook, you don’t want to ruin the surprise. For instance, it’s a social media faux pas to share a picture of your dress or diamond wedding ring before the day! When using social media, bear it in mind that it should build anticipation but not destroy it. Leave many wonderful things for your guests to enjoy and experience on the big day.

Leave Phones at the Door

Yes, you want your loved ones to enjoy your wedding and be able to take pictures of it that they’ll cherish forever, but the last thing you want is for those images to end up on social media without your approval. Not only could they be a bit unflattering if not taken in the right lighting but they could sometimes be inappropriate.

The best thing is to ask guests not to take or upload any images during your wedding because it is an intimate event. This also prevents them from spending long periods of time on their phones when they should be enjoying the day. And remember: brides and grooms should also leave their phones behind or else they risk missing large chunks of the most special day of their lives.

Stick to Paper “Thank You”s

Although social media helps you stay connected with your wedding guests before and after the event, you should never rely on it too much, such as when thanking people for attending your wedding or giving you gifts. Rather write a heartfelt note to those who were kind enough to do so, especially when engaging with older guests as this will make them feel much more appreciated.

Don’t Make it Impersonal

Sharing details about your wedding or that you’ve set a date for it is convenient on social media because all your guests are in the same place to receive the news, but it’s inappropriate to use social media with your closest loved ones. They should be told beforehand instead of getting the news on social media, which can feel very impersonal. Remember that social media is a great place for sharing important wedding-related news you’d like your guests to have, such as concerning where the venue is or what the dress code will be, but social media should never replace heartfelt moments that you must rather share with your nearest and dearest people.

Social media can give your wedding a lovely tech upgrade, but just be careful that it doesn’t cause awkwardness or leave people feeling unhappy. By following the above social media rules, you can ensure that your wedding will be a beautiful and charming affair.

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