Giving Your Home A Personal Makeover

Sometimes all you need to make yourself happy is some new stationary and some cute new ideas for your home.

Customizing your favourite things can really add a unique edge, and if you want to up your social media game, it can also help your online brand. If you want to be a little crafty and DIY some stuff, that too is a great idea! I especially love to customize bits and pieces for the office and the home with friends of family members. It can turn into a Pinterest inspired dream that everyone will remember. You’ll also have some brilliant keepsakes at the end of the day too!

1. Show-off your memories

One of the nicest things to do it to unearth all of your old family photos and put your favorite pictures on display. To add a personal touch you could make new frames yourself and look up how to create a decorative grid picture wall. Many images hung on one wall can really make an impact, and it’s especially lovely it the photos are personalized.

2. Play with the lighting

Lighting is such a crucial part of a room. It will not only create an atmosphere but can act as a focal point for a room too. Shop around for lampshades and stands to see what you can do in your space to really customize the area.

3. Prepare for special occasions

A super cute way to inject your personality into your space is to treat yourself to some personalized napkins. They’re a lovely thing to pull out when you have visitors for dinner they’ll give you a sense of pride. Invest in a few designs, and you’ll always have an option, to suit the occasion!

4. Use bookends

If you’re a bit of a book-worm, you’re bound to have a good few books in your house.

Why not dress these up a little and give them a special storage space of their own? Bricks can actually make brilliant bookends, and you can paint them yourself to give them a personal touch. It’s amazing how good a little home DIY can make you feel!

5. Nurture your plants

You don’t have to be an amazing gardener to keep a little house plant or succulent alive.

Take a trip to a garden centre and look around at for something small that you know you’ll be able to manage. When you tend to a plant you’ll feel an enormous sense of pride when it starts to grow; you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something!

6. Keep a vision board

Buy a pin board and start putting pictures up that will inspire you every day to achieve your goals.

If you don’t like the look of a plain pin board, you can always add a little bit of interest and customize it to match your room. The more you start to look at your vision board the more you’ll start to believe that anything is possible.

Change round the pictures every few months and have fun with it!


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