Dreaming Of A Destination Wedding? Consider These Points Before You Jet Off

Your wedding day should be extravagant – it’s a day you’ve been dreaming of since you were young; a day that will be especially for you. What better extravagance than a wedding abroad?

Setting your wedding away from home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It also gives you the added benefit of getting your honeymoon and wedding in one neat package! Do you have a perfect destination that you’ve been to before where you would love to get married? Or, do you just like the idea of committing to your life partner under blue skies? A wedding abroad could be the perfect thing for you. Though weddings abroad can be great, they aren’t without their particular stresses. Here are a few things to consider before jetting off.

The Guests

First on the list of issues with a wedding abroad is arranging your guests. You want all your loved ones to be present on your special day. This can be a lot harder to achieve if you’re having your wedding abroad. Giving guests as much notice as possible will ensure that more of them can book the required time off work. That’s not the end of your worries, though. You’ll also need to make sure that all your guests book their flights and somewhere to stay. When you send out your invites, it can be worth giving some suggestions of hotels in the vicinity. That way, you’ve done a little of the work for them. There’s nothing more you can do, so try not to chase your guests to see if they’ve bought their tickets. You’ve got enough to worry about already. You need to leave the rest down to them and hope they’re organized! Again, giving plenty of notice will make this a lot more likely.

The Planning

Planning itself can be a little harder when you’re holding your wedding abroad. You need to consider all the usual things, but you’re planning for a location and venue that isn’t nearby! You’ll need to think about cake, wedding venue and all the usual bridal worries. You’ll also have the downside of not being able to see anything that’s happening.  Something like this wedding planner service can be a great help here. Having someone who’s at your chosen location will take a huge weight off.

The Packing 

There are a lot of things to consider on the day itself. You need to make sure you have your dress and anything else you need. If your wedding is abroad, you won’t be able to pop home and get that hair clip you forgot. You need to get organized with your packing! It’s worth packing your dress and any essentials a few weeks before. You’re bound to forget something. Giving yourself that time will allow you to put more things in as you remember them. Lists can also be a lifesaver here! Tick things off as you go. A last minute packing disaster would not be a good start to your married life!  



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