How To: Making Your Personalized Wedding All About You

The most important thing about a wedding is that it’s your day. No, not just yours – I’m not endorsing any bridezilla behaviour! But a wedding that doesn’t incorporate the wishes and loves of you and your husband to be will probably feel a little flat and strange.

The problem with that is the pressure many of us feel to have a perfect white wedding. We’ve all been to a few of them and we often feel that that’s what is expected of us too. But what if you want to be a little different? Here are some tips to help you personalize your wedding to make it a day you remember for all of your guests as well as you.

Incorporate Your Hobbies

If you and your partner share any hobbies, now would be a great time to include the rest of your friends and family in them. If your favourite thing is rock-climbing I’m not suggesting that you should buy climbing shoes for everyone and set up a rock face in your reception hall, but you could absolutely incorporate natural colours into your colour scheme and go with gentle mossy greens and woodsy, creative table displays instead of the usual flowers and pastel colours.

Personalize Your Invitations

It’s important to try to personalize as much as you can. Send custom wedding invitations to set the tone of your big day, and make sure that you include as much information on there as you can. Wedding days are great fun for everyone but a lot of your guests will have to do a lot of planning along with spending a good deal of money and travelling to get to your wedding, so it’s good to allow them to plan in advance. Include a map, along with a list of recommendations of places to stay in the local area.

At the reception itself, you could consider a personalized banner. If that isn’t your thing, you could just use fairy lights to spell out your initials on the wall. Give personalized gifts to your wedding party like jewellery with the date engraved, and personalize your favors too. You could also use them as place settings so people know where to sit!

Make Your Own Playlist

A big mistake that a lot of people make is hiring a DJ and not talking to them enough about the playlist. We’ve all heard the same wedding playlist over and over again with the same sappy love songs and cheesy dance songs, and they get old fast. Instead, try making your own playlist with your partner before the wedding, and plugging in your ipod at the reception. Ask your guests to send back two song recommendations with their RSVPs so you know what the most popular songs will be, and make sure you include songs from all the generations that are going to be there. Your great aunt will appreciate some Glenn Miller being played while you’re eating, while your best friends from high school will love you bringing out a little Green Day at 11.30pm. Remember to include songs that are fun and that mean something to you as well as love songs to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Don’t Wear White

I know! It feels like if you don’t wear white, you’ll be breaking the cardinal rule of weddings. But if white washes you out or you don’t really enjoy the history behind wearing white wedding dresses, remember you can opt out. If you still want a pale colour, go for cream or even pale gold or silver – check out Arwen in Lord of the Rings for a little regal yet quirky inspiration. If you want to include more colour than that, maybe try to put a little colour in your gown – look at Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress, for example. And cross your fingers that your marriage ends up more happily than hers did!

Go For A Non Traditional Cake

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. Instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, you could go for something a little different. Some people have wedding cakes made up of cheese wheels instead of cake – you could serve that up complete with grapes and a choice of crackers. You could go for cheese cake instead of a sponge, or a magnificent French croquembouche made out of profiteroles and held together with caramel. If you want a more natural vibe to your wedding, you could decorate your cake with fresh flowers to match your bouquet and buttonholes.

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