Dressing For Winter: Combining Comfort And Style In Your Winter Wardrobe

So winter is now well and truly here! The temperature has dropped and it won’t be too long before the snow hits and stays for a long period. Got your winter wardrobe ready? If not, it is definitely time to start thinking about it!

Many people think that it is difficult to combine both comfort and style into their winter wardrobe. They often opt for just comfort, as it can be so cold that it gets easy to forget about fashion! However, it isn’t completely impossible to look good as well as feel warm and cozy. In fact, if you follow all of these great tips, you will find that it is actually incredibly easy!

Layer Up

One of the best ways to look fashionable and stay warm is to layer up. There is a great scientific reason why you should think about layering your clothes this winter. And that is that is can actually keep you a lot warmer than simply wearing one huge coat or chunky jumper. It’s because a lot of hot air gets trapped in between all the layers. So it can keep you warm and well insulated. But layering is also great for your look as well! And this winter, the current fashion trends lend themselves to lots of layering. This winter, you will be able to find a lot of thin sweatshirts and cardigans in the shops. Make sure you wear these under t-shirts so that you stay toasty warm. Top off this great look with a snug winter coat!

Take Some Inspiration From Summer

Think you need to put your summer clothes away until the end of spring? Well, you actually don’t need to! Sure, you can save space for more winter clothes by packing away your bikinis and sandals. You won’t be needing them unless you are planning on jetting off to find some winter sun! But there are plenty of summer clothes that you should be wearing this winter. No matter how cold it gets outside! And that’s because summer clothes are great for helping you layer. They are often very thin and allow you to add layers to your outfits without making your clothes look too big and bulky. Why not think about wearing some maxi dress outfits this winter? After all, the maxi dress isn’t just for hot summer days. If you wear it with boots, thick tights and, wooly cardigans, you will create a very stylish winter look.

Black Is The New Black

Every season, there are new colors and shades that come into fashion. But one thing is for certain: black will never ever go out of fashion. So if you aren’t too sure about which colors are on trend this winter, you can simply play it safe and choose black items of clothing. Black skinny jeans are very en vogue this year and will look fabulous paired with some leather over the knee boots. One thing to be wary about is wearing too much black, though. You may look like you’ve just finished your shift as a waitress! The best way to add some color to your black winter outfit is with a bright belt or sparkly festive cardigan.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Accessories are a girl’s number one friend during winter! They can keep you super warm and cozy, even if you need to leave your apartment and brave all the bad weather! You definitely need a wooly hat, thick scarf, and soft gloves. These will keep you warm in places that your winter coat won’t be able to help with. Not only that, though, but they can also help to keep your look very stylish and on point! Think your coat is super warm and cozy but could do with a bit more glamor? One way to solve that problem is by investing in a large, oversized belt and wearing it around your waist over your coat. Don’t forget jewelry either, it’s a great way to add some extra sparkle to your outfits. Especially over the festive period!

Lace Is Great

Do you want to add a bit more glam to your December outfits, so you will look the belle of the ball at every Christmas party? Lace is great for doing just that! It may not be particularly thick, and won’t keep you warm, but boy will it add some fantastic sophistication to your outfit. It’s perfect when you think it’s too cold to wear a skimpy dress to a party. Simply layer up and add a layer of lace for a chic outfit. Not sure how to wear it? You could find a shirt or t-shirt that is fringed with lace. Then wear it so that the lace fringes peek out under the hem of your sweatshirt. Alternatively, add a warm top on top of a lacy dress.

Keep It Flat

No one wants to slip all over on the ice and in the snow. And one of the best ways you can prevent yourself from turning into Bambi on ice is to put your heels away this winter. It’s best to stick to your flat shoes once the weather turns colder. You’ll also be able to get around quicker, which means you don’t have to spend so long out in the freezing cold! Sneakers are one of the most stylish flats you can wear. But you will also find plenty of boots that don’t have huge heels. They will also have a good grip on their soles too! If you are completely in love with your ballerina pumps, you can continue to wear them too. Just remember to pull on some thick socks or tights with them.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of ideas that can help you keep your winter outfits both stylish and comfortable this festive season. If you are still in doubt about what you should be wearing this season, you should just flick through some fashion magazines. They will be full of inspiration for the current season, and you’ll also find lots of cool winter fashion hacks!


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