Making Your Wedding Day Stand Out

Think about this: do you want a wedding that is exactly the same as every one you and your guests have ever been to, or would you rather it stood out from the crowd and had an impact on all of your attendees?

That’s right, you want to be able to give your wedding day its own unique style. You want it to say something about you and your partner, and you want to give your guests an amazing day to remember.

Here’s how you can give your wedding day its own unique style.

Don’t Use Traditional Colours

Instead of using traditional wedding colours, have some fun and use your favourite colours instead.

If this means having a loud or bright wedding dress, so be it! You really don’t need to stick to tradition anymore, and the more creative you get with it, the more it’s going to tell people a bit about you two as a couple. Not only that, it’ll definitely have its own unique style. You can still have a classy wedding without sticking to tradition, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Arrive In Style

Arrive to your big day in style. It definitely doesn’t need to be in a limo or a fancy car. This will be the first glimpse your guests get of you, so make it good. If you’re near a body of water, why not rock up on a boat? You could even arrive on the back of a motorcycle, or in a hot air balloon. The choice is yours!

Become a DIY Master

Making things yourself will give your wedding a personalized touch, and you decor will be totally unique. You could make bunting, your own wedding favours, and even design your own cocktail flavours to make sure your wedding has that personalized feel to it. Wood Chiavari chairs can be placed around the tables to suit just about any theme you go for.

Have A More Memorable Guest Book

Instead of having a regular boring guest book, do something more creative.

You could invite people to drop a tip or some advice in a jar on a piece of paper, and open one a day until you’ve read them all. You could even have it as a jigsaw puzzle and make sure each guest has a piece to write on. There are so many more creative ways to do this!

Go For Unexpected Music/Entertainment

You could go for a barbershop quartet and ask them to sing Oasis songs if that’s something you think will suit you on your wedding day. You don’t need a bog standard DJ on your wedding day. Going for something different in terms of entertainment will make your day seriously memorable.

Make Quirky Signs

Make quirky signs yourself and make them as funny as possible. You can direct people to the wedding, car park, toilets…anywhere in the building you feel calls for a sign. Make your guest’s lives easier and make them smile at the same time.

Write Handwritten Notes For Guests

Why not write handwritten notes for your guests and put them with their favours?

If your guests have traveled far and wide to share this day with you, the least you can do is thank them with a handwritten note. You may not get time for everybody later on when the chaos starts, so by doing this, they won’t feel like you forgot about them.

Think Carefully About Table Names

Why not call table names after things that mean something to you and your partner? They don’t have to be numbers. They could be names of streets that are important to you, names of pets, nicknames, favorite bands…the list goes on. This is way more fun and creative than going for numbers.

Get Your Family Involved

If you have a cousin who is amazing on the guitar, or a sister who can really sing, make sure you get them involved. The wedding will mean so much more to everyone if you have the most important people play a big part in your big day.

Hopefully, you’ve found something on this list that’s going to help you create the most unique and special day for you and your loved ones. This should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to make it happen. If you have any ideas or tips of your own, make sure you leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!



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