The Skinny on Shapewear featuring Naturana

Ahh, shapewear. 

I have a weirdly vivid history with these types of products dating back to my prom. 

Earlier that day I was wearing insanely tight shapewear bought from Wal-Mart under that sparkly dress. I’m not sure why I even tried seeing as it was an a-line and I’m sure there wasn’t a difference…anyway, I didn’t even make it through the photos before I stripped it off in a parking lot.

Fast forward to my partying times at university. I know, me partying? I know I didn’t go out as much as the average uni kid but us ladies did go out fairly often! 

And you better believe under that (quite short) skirt I was wear shapewear of some variety to keep everything all sucked in as I danced the night away. 

What do both of these times, to name just two, have in common? The shapewear was insanely uncomfortable! Because I was wearing a size way too small and squeezing in. Luckily, I now get that you don’t have to squeeze in all that much to notice a difference. 

Along with the three latest bras they sent me, Naturana sent over their long-legged shapewear with tummy control. 

Long-legged still hits above the knee, and I’ve now learned to just fold up if I’m wearing something with a slit (as you’ll see). 

They sent me over a 2X and a 3X and I wear the 2X, but I’m fairly sure I could fit a 1X. What I like about the 2X though is that while it smoothes everything out, it doesn’t get uncomfortable or make me feel like a stuffed sausage. You know the feeling, right? 

The top is lined with rubber, okay maybe not the exact material, like a silicon that keeps them from slipping or riding anywhere which I am a huge fan of. I have now taken to wearing them almost daily under my dresses that I wear to work! 

I’m wearing the 2X in all the above photos, and I’ve rolled (or folded) the legs up in the last two so the slit wouldn’t show it! 

Bonus? It helps rid you of the annoying thigh chafing that can happen when you’re wearing dresses – something that I will forever readily avoid at all costs. 

The Bottom Line

I am fully Team Shapewear, as long as it doesn’t make me feel constricted! I know it’s not for everyone and that it can sometimes be a weird taboo topic to even admit to wearing but I have no problem wearing the Naturana one!  And the fact that it comes in plus sizes is amazing and you can always order a little bigger if you don’t want it tighter! Or vice versa, depending on the control that you want. 



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