Luxury Ideas For An Extravagant Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect.

This is the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were five-years old and playing weddings in the playground. There’s so much out there about doing weddings on a budget, and how to cut costs and this is for those who want their day to be perfect, regardless of price. It is your special day after all, and you only intend to do it once, right?

This post will help you satisfy your desires and lather as much luxury as possible over your wedding. Of course, money isn’t limitless and you might not be able to use every idea…but even using one or two of these ideas will give your day that glint of glamour!

The Rings

Whether you’re looking for engagement rings or wedding bands, Mervis Diamond could offer you the glamorous rings you’re after. Wedding rings are one thing worth splashing out on, I mean you’re going to be wearing that ring for the rest of your life so make sure you get one you’re never going to tire of!

You might want to go all out with a diamond beauty or keep it simple with a band. Bear in mind that you’re going to be wearing this for years to come, so consider practicality as well! For me, I know a large diamond would drive me crazy slipping my hands into pockets!

The Venue


A luxury venue is sure to set your wedding off with a bang. The venue is one thing that people are sure to remember when they look back on the day. It’ll be the backdrop for your wedding photos. It’s well worth getting the venue right! There are so many luxury venues available. From country houses to churches surrounded by rolling fields, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take a look at a few different venues before you make a decision. Try and picture your guests enjoying the location. Imagine how everything would come together. The decision of venue is worth taking time over!

The Dress


Little girls always dream of their wedding dress, and I’m included in this!

You’ve probably already got some idea of what you would like. Why not get your dream dress designed for you? That way, you can look as you always imagined. This is no cheap option, but some would argue it’s well worth the cost. You would look perfect on the day, after all. You would also have the knowledge that no one else has ever worn a dress like yours! If having a dress designed is a step too far, there are many gorgeous luxury dresses that you can already buy. Take your pick!

The Transportation 

Transport is another thing that can benefit from a little luxury.

Arriving in style is something every bride imagines. Why settle for a car on your big day? Think about more inventive ways you would like to travel. Would you like to go all out and arrive by horse drawn carriage? How about a limousine? You could even arrive in a Volkswagen camper van.

However you get to your wedding, you’re sure to make one hell of an entrance!

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