Planning For Your Big Day? Ensure Your Guests Arrive In Style

Planning the perfect wedding can be a stressful task, you know this. We all know this.

There’s so much to consider that it can be easy to forget why you’re doing it in the first place. When the wedding stress looms, remember that it is your special day. Your guests will make up such an important part of your day, so don’t forget them when you’re making your plans. It may be important to get you and your hubby ready, but it’ll all go to waste if your guests can’t get there. If you’re having the big white wedding, there’s going to be a lot of guests to consider. You don’t want anyone special missing out because they have no way to travel. Why not arrange their travel for them? There are many ways to help your guests arrive in style when the big day comes.

Charter bus rent from Shofur (or somewhere local!) is a fantastic idea for making sure all your guests arrive. The main appeal behind this idea is the fact that all your guests can arrive on one bus so you won’t have to worry about arranging different pickups.

Order the bus to a destination, and let your guests know it’ll be there. Collecting everyone with one vehicle will make your job a lot easier. Plus, you can be sure that everyone important will be there ready when you arrive!

Limousine hire is another fantastic idea for getting your guests to the venue.

They’re sure to arrive in style if you pick this method! Limousines also seat quite a few people at a time. Sadly, it’s unlikely everyone will fit in one vehicle. Even so, you shouldn’t have to order too many to cover everybody. This is a fun and quirky idea. Everyone will remember riding in a limousine on the way to your big day, after all.

If your wedding is a smaller affair, or if you just don’t want to go for a full-blown bus, a mini bus can be a fantastic alternative. While minibuses don’t seat as many, it’s still possible to squeeze quite a few people in.

A mini bus is a cheaper way to ensure all your guests are catered for and could be the ideal choice.

A taxi is a more standard way to ensure your guest’s arrival.

While it hasn’t got the glamour of some of the other ideas suggested, it’s functional and comfortable. Depending on how many guests you are arranging, this could end up being a much cheaper method. If you have a lot of guests, consider how many taxis you’ll need to see whether it’ll work out cheaper. It’s also worth taking into account the distance the guests are going to be travelling.

This method is only worthwhile if your venue is local – if your venue is further afield, this could work out as a pricey option.

Ensuring your guest’s arrival can take a huge weight off your shoulders. They will also be grateful that they don’t have to organize their transport!



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