An Afternoon Getting Glam with the PrettyBird App!

The latest (perfect) description of PrettyBird - click the photo to go to their Facebook page!

The latest (perfect) description of PrettyBird – click the photo to go to their Facebook page!

Last week I attended at event in Yorkville for Elevate Magazine and since I had the entire day off I thought it would be an excellent time to try out the PrettyBird App for myself – an app that I’ve known about for a long time and have had the pleasure of chatting with the founder several times over the last couple of months. 

Never ever did I think I would have a MUA coming to my apartment to do my makeup for an event – a year ago I didn’t even like filling in my brows. But I was extremely excited about the process and loved how it all turned out. 

What is PrettyBird?

Before I get into the glam, let’s chat a bit about the app. 

In the most simple terms it’s like Uber but with makeup artists. 

See all those little birds?

Those are artists (just in my area) waiting to help you look fabulous for whatever you have planned – photoshoot, date night, work event, wedding party, anything! 

And they come to you which is my favourite bit because (as you’ll see) I would much rather get ready in the comfort of my home, and more often than not while I’m in sweats. 

I’ve written about the nifty app before and PrettyBird is always looking for new MUA to join the team and I’ve written a more in-depth post about what the app can do for you. 

Before the Glam

I booked my appointment the day before just to make sure I could get the time I wanted and be ready for the MUA to arrive. 

You can choose the level of stylist you want (based on how many years of experience they have or if they use vegan makeup) and then the time and what you’re looking for. The app is extremely user friendly and walks you through the process. 

And once I was booked in, my MUA (or PrettyBird!) gave me a text to introduce herself and get a feel for the look I was going for. This was helpful because I love makeup and I could really go for anything but this at least let her know what colours I was into at the moment! 

Getting Gorgeous, Fast

My MUA for the afternoon was Liliana and she was so lovely! It’s always a little strange to open up your place to a stranger but it wasn’t the case with her – we immediately started chatting and then the glam began! 

I will admit that I can’t exactly remember how long the process took but it wasn’t anything longer than what I do normally! It’s certainly glamorous to have your makeup done professionally but it’s very relaxing to have it done at home. 

The only thing I never considered was because I was getting it done so early in the day I hadn’t eaten dinner or brushed my teeth again before going out so we went with a neutral lipstick that I could switch up before I left!

The Before & After

She worked her little MUA magic! The first was taken with natural light during the day and the second was taken with my ring light at night (that was totally worth the last minute eBay purchase and makes you look flawless). I loved that Liliana gave me a fall look that I wanted, I’m a huge fan of purple shades on the eyes right now!

Liliana has her own Facebook page and website as well so make sure to check her out. She’s knew to the PrettyBird team but she’s been doing makeup for a while and she’s wonderfully talented, and hilarious. 

I got compliments at the event which I loved but leaving the house with makeup you’ve gotten done seriously puts an extra boost in your step.

I sincerely enjoyed the process and wouldn’t hesitate to use the app again. I love doing my own makeup but it’s nice to relax a little bit and get some pampering! 

Want to Get Glam?

This app isn’t just for Toronto – PrettyBird artists are popping up all over the country and like I said they’re still always looking for more people to join the team. 

You can download the app for your Apple device or your Android device and right now is a great time to do it. 

This is perfect time for holiday parties & events or even a holiday date night! 

I absolutely love working with the PrettyBird team and it’s exciting to be a part of something (even just being a small bit) and watching it grow. If you’re a MUA and want to be your own boss please don’t hesitate to send in your application! 




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    December 6, 2016 / 3:38 am

    Wow! What a fun idea! I love this new, innovative idea–thanks for sharing!!

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