The Five Shoes My Inner Carrie Bradshaw Desperately Wants

Hi friends! For this post I have to include this bit: this is a sponsored post – but please be assured all opinions are mine, as always. 

I don’t know what changed with me lately but too often I find myself lusting over a pair of shoes. 

I was never a shoe girl – I wear Converse most of the year and a pair of ankle boots the rest of the year. Boring stuff, I know. Maybe it was the Pinterest, maybe it was seeing other bloggers with really good taste but lately I browse shoes online more than I browse makeup and that says a lot.

My first (and only) big shoe purchase this year is a little more functional than gorgeous… 

…so maybe I have to work on that bit?

I own exactly one pair of heels and I happen to think they’re stunning! 

But I did get them on sale, and I’ve only worn them twice…so far. 

Sadly the shoes that I lust after tend to range from expensive to never going to happen as they’re more than my rent but I can dream right? Although I have made it a little easier on your credit card by having some Groupon Coupons.

Steve Madden

I’ve been a fan of Steve Madden shoes sine high school! 

I will admit this was most likely because one of my best friends loved them and I didn’t know much about labels so I loved them too. This carried on until this day, I even had a pair of Steve Madden military boots that I wore until I broke the zippers on not one but both boots. 

Not even close to boots, these are the ones that have my heart. They’re called the DAINNA-S, if you want to get real fancy. Who comes up with shoe names anyway?

I love grey lately and suede is in (right?) and the heel isn’t too scary. For those of you who wear heels regularly you’re probably laughing at the fact even this heel is a little daunting to me but I assure you it is. 

These seem like a safe yet fashionable shoe crush to have, but a crush they remain until this weather goes away (and I save money). 

(Psst: When I wrote this they had free shipping in Canada…just saying). 

Kenneth Cole

Disclaimer: I am not cool enough to pull off this next pair. And this is why they remain on the lust list. 

Told you so. 

These Kenneth Cole beauties, the Odonna Brocade Ankle Bootie to be exact, are basically pieces of artwork that will get you from point A to B. 

While they’re still cheaper than my rent and the heel looks doable, they remain on the lust list because what would I wear them with?! My fashion sense is getting better (I think?) but there’s no way I could style these bad boys. Or I would have one dedicated boot outfit that would just be worn at least once a week and I think people would catch on way too quickly. 

Christian Louboutin

Ah the Louboutins, perhaps the most recognizable shoe on the list. 

I can actually remember the first time I saw a pair in real life, crazy huh? I was at an interview for an internship with a fancy wedding magazine here in Toronto and feeling really underdressed in my Joe Fresh dress and sandals and then the girl set to interview me walks in, with the red soles and all. 

And they were really high too! As my sister pointed out, you need the heel so people can see the red which really does make sense…even though every sensible bone in my body says go for the flats. 

But this list isn’t meant to just be reasonable. 

These shoes, the Candidate in black, are every bit the elegant shoes that I would dream of wearing if I was elegant. I’m a lot of things, elegant is certainly not one of them and that’s perfectly okay. 

They have a touch of whimsical that I adore even though that heel scares the heck out of me. 

It is in fact more than my rent and would very likely cause me to twist an ankle or worse, so the lust list it is. 

Jimmy Choo

I have thought about my (still fictional) wedding dress enough that I know more or less what I want. 

What I really spend my time deciding is what shoes will I wear. Which logically makes little sense because you won’t see my shoes a lot as my dress will be floor length…but that’s beside the point. 

Enter, the gorgeous white lace pointy toe pumps from Jimmy Choo.

They’re not the most expensive shoe on the list but they’re still very much over my price limit for shoes. I say that now, but you never know! 

I am in love with lace, I can’t get enough of it. Dresses, lingerie, anything – if it has lace I love it. These shoes are so romantic looking I just know they would be perfect for my fictional wedding. 

Plus Jimmy Choo does customization to their shoes so your dream wedding shoes could also be a keepsake, an expensive one at that. 

Manolo Blahnik 

The dream shoe of all dream shoes. 

Everything about them falls into my definition of perfect. Except the name, not sure how to say Hangisi.

If you are a die-hard SATC fan like myself then you’ll recognize these as the shoes Mr. Big proposes with. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to justify buying these shoes, and the heel is still a daunting level to me, but they will probably always be my dream shoe. Plus the colour is sapphire which is my birthstone so it’s meant to be – right?

One day I’ll find a Big and my (affordable) version of the shoe but until then, lust list it is.





  1. December 20, 2016 / 5:05 pm

    UGH. I love shoes. I love Groupon almost as much.

  2. December 20, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    UGGGGHH Those Kenneth Cole booties. I NEED THEM. I don’t even care if I’m not cool enough to pull them off! Gorgeous. I would totally use them as a blog prop…(that’s me, trying to justify splurging on a pair of booties I do not need but desperately want).

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