My First (and certainly not last) Pie

Not bad, eh?

Not bad, eh?

 I have always been Team Pie.

Cake is great but pie owns my heart. I’m even at the point that I want ‘wedding pies,’ which would be both delicious and adorable. 

So after having a leftover can of pumpkin (who doesn’t have one lying around?) I decided to throw one together. Don’t get too excited, all I did was add some spices, an egg, and some condensed milk. It certainly wasn’t from scratch (that’s a summer project) but it was fun. 


Even though it wasn’t a tricky task, my Gramma helped me with a few things. And she even told me I could use the extra crust I have as the top of another pie! A little easier than the lattice pie crust I want to tackle. 

One pie down, a never-ending amount to go.


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