5 poses you can’t miss with your bridesmaids!

Pictures are arguably one of the biggest parts of your wedding day and they do take some planning. If you opt for a photographer they’ll help you out but knowing what you want and the look you’re going for will make a huge difference. And on your day you’re going to want to show off your main ladies that helped you keep your cool through the planning process. Pastel Dress helped you choose your bridesmaids, and now they’ll help you pose with them!

Getting all dolled up
Before the total glam happens, take a picture! I love these shots, and they can ease the stress of the getting ready process. The day will truly fly by for everyone, and the getting ready time is just for you and your girls. I am also a huge fan of the matching robes, I think they add an extra closeness factor to the photo and make a great gift for the girls to hold on to.

That First Look
Another one to snap before the day gets rolling! They’ve helped you pick the dress, gave their thoughts on hair, weighed in on what lipstick to go with and now it’s time: you’re big reveal. I know the bride isn’t literally in the photo, but their faces say it all.

Laugh it off
Candid moments make some of they best shots, even if you can’t quite pose for them. Laughing photos always make me smile, and I swear you’ll love that you have one with your bridesmaids.

All in a line
Whether you keep it traditional and face forward or go from another angle, the line photo is a must have because besides showing off your besties, it shows off all the dresses! I adore this staggered line, it makes it look so natural.

Goofing off
All in all, a wedding is a stressful day. You need some time to let loose and take a few photos being goofy, the goofier the better. These will have you cracking up during, and when you look back on them!

Taking pictures will be the easiest way to remember all the details from your wedding, and you’ll definitely want to remember the moments with your best friends.  Your photographer will have great ideas too, yet it doesn’t hurt to have some poses in mind. Be creative and have fun with it!

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