Seating arrangment? Here’s 5 reasons you NEED one!

Wedding planning is a huge process, I’m sure you’ve gathered this. Sure some tasks are fun, but some are just tedious! This is what a seating arrangement is, it’ll take a lot of time and at some point you might want to pull your hair out but it is needed if you want the night to go smoothly for you and your guests. Here’s five reasons you should plan to have a seating arrangement on your big day!

The Formal Factor
Think about the feel of your wedding. Having a seating arrangement will assure that your night stays formal, and doesn’t just feel like another family dinner.

Keeping the calm
If you don’t have a seating arrangement, your guests could be playing musical chairs until dessert. You also run into the risk of separating loved ones, or awkward encounters. You can help keep your guests from getting anxious by having their seats all set for them, and let them focus on the fun.

Mix it up
This is the time you can be sneaky and set up the friends you’ve always wanted to see together! Okay so maybe that’s not your main goal of the night but this is a great time to pair of group of friends you’ve always wanted to meet. You can choose to mix old and new friends, keep families together, have a kids table, it’s all your choice! One request though, please don’t have a singles table…you can thank me later.

All about the food
Food is a big part of the wedding (the biggest arguably in my books) and a seating arrangement can make it much easier when serving guests their meals. Plus if you have guests with severe food allergies, this can help assure they receive the correct dishes.

Meet halfway
Want to relieve the stress but not ready to commit to the full seat chart? No problem! It will make it so much easier if you have guests at least assigned a table where they can pick their own chair! It’s a great middle ground if you truly dread the full chart.

Did we convince you? Having a seating plan might take a lot of thinking leading up to the big day, but you’ll be nice and relaxed knowing everyone will have a place to sit. It’s worth the stress now so you can relax later, trust me!

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