The National Bridal Show

A few weekends ago I had the chance to work the National Bridal Show with Pastel Dress Party at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.

Wedding shows and I have a love-hate relationship, but heavy on the love. The only reason I hate them is because they’re is so much to see that I get a little bit overwhelmed, and I’m not even engaged! The rest is all love, because they’re truly gorgeous events and this show was no different. 

A few highlights…
Our booth at the show was beside a local photographer, Meghan Andrews. I adore the paper wall (yep, those flowers are paper!) that Chelsea Hotel  created as the backdrop of their booth. Coquette Studios easily won me over, I’m a sucker for florals in general but it was the vines that got me. If glitter is your fancy, Blair Nadeau Millinery has been creating beautiful pieces in Toronto since 2009. And really, if you’re a wine lover like me, My Wedding Wine is a great idea for your celebration. This company lets you customize your wine for your wedding; the wine kits contain around 30 bottles for $5/bottle. 

Two particular booths though, they’ve stuck with me. I’m talking bookmarked and written down stuck with me…keeping the in mind, you know?

First we have the Moonrise Letter Lights (they just launched their site!) a great idea for vendor decor.

I love the idea so much that I’ve even chatted with Jamie from the company to get a few more details. 

These letter lights are hand-crafted out of steel. They definitely add the ‘retro-romantic’ look to your wedding and would tie in great with a vintage theme. 

Check them out in action, Jaime sent me a few shots!

But a bonus factor? These are customizable and can certainly be used outside a wedding as well!  

And the other booth was for a venue in Grimsby. Beamer Falls Manor is a Victorian home built way back in 1864. I personally liked their display the most, and the once I saw the venue I was a huge fan. 

Last but not least, here’s the booth I spent all my time at! Pastel Dress Party has all your bridesmaid needs covered. They specialize in customizable dresses, making them just for your bridesmaids! 

Want to know our story? Take a listen!

I think that about wraps it up…can’t wait to my next show!

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