Trying out the pastel hair trend

I’ve been a fan of the rainbow hair for a loooooong time! So when glow magazine published a how-to on how to get pink pastel hair I was all over it. 

This is all you need! I mixed it up in a bowl and my roommate applied it with a brush which made it super easy to do. 

Looking cute eh?

So the first round didn’t go as planned (it’s that weird pink shade) We did about one part dye to five parts conditioner, and left it on for an hour and forty-five minutes. It’s a looooong process. Basically it leaves your hair feeling very greasy, and fades very quickly. I’ve been changing up the amount of dye I’ve been adding and it changes so fast! (Excuse the selfie overload)


And now I’m resting at the blue-ish purple, which I’m content with. 

Have you tried the pastel trend? I’m thinking pink next…I love a good hair change. 

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