5 TV wedddings I’m still not over

Whether you binge watch the season on Netflix, or patiently wait for an episode every week, at some point you’ve probably had a favourite TV show. And hopefully (call me biased) that favourite show of yours had a wedding. It could have been a wedding that made you cry like you’ve known the bride your whole life or maybe it was a disaster and you’re happy it wasn’t yours. Either way, you remember it. I have those episodes stuck in my head too and here are five TV weddings I can’t seem to forget!

Chuck & Blair 

Spotted: What’s more romantic than getting married so you don’t have to testify in court? Not much in the Gossip Girl world. But really, the duo was either at war or in love and their simple (but glamorous) Central Park wedding was everything the audience wanted. And Chuck’s suit? What a dream.

Alex & Izzie 

Sometimes you can’t always choose when you’re wedding is going to happen, and this TV moment was very much one of those times. If you’re a Grey’s fan, you’ll get that this was a bittersweet celebration. The wedding was actually for another couple, but they gave the dream wedding to an ill Izzie and the love of her life. I know, Shonda Rhimes knows how to cause a few tears.

Jim & Pam 

I’ll admit The Office was a show I flew through on Netflix faster than I thought was humanly possible, and this wedding made the binging worth it. Jim and Pam took off to Niagara Falls, NY with their friends, family, and co-workers and the event was hilarious and heart-warming. From a take on a viral wedding entrance to a slight elopement, there’s laughter and emotional tears.

Mike & Phoebe

Now I understand the wedding is mostly perfect thanks to Monica, but still. This TV wedding has been the only time I’ve ever wanted a winter wedding more than anything! This wedding is proof that things can go oh so bad on your wedding day and you can still turn it around. Plus having all her friends in the wedding? That warms up anyone’s heart on a chilly NYC night.

Ted & Tracy 

How could I leave out possibly the longest wait for a wedding in TV history? Okay, maybe an exaggeration but the entire show, all nine years and nine seasons, was building up to this wedding. It had mixed reactions from the show’s dedicated fanbase, but I was a sucker for the ending through and through.

The more I dug through my favourite shows trying to pick my favourite weddings I realized how many I have (in Grey’s alone I could add three more) and that made this tricky! Let us know, what has been your favourite TV wedding?

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