6 etiquette tips to know for a wedding rehearsal dinner

Your wedding rehearsal dinner is the time for you to be with all your friends and family in a slightly more relaxed setting before the celebration of the wedding itself. It doesn’t take as much planning as the big day but you need to be prepared so you’re not going into it blind! We helped you with a few planning tips, but read on for six etiquette tips to know for a wedding rehearsal dinner.

The Money

If we’re going traditional, it’s the groom’s parents. But now it’s common for the couples to pay for the rehearsal dinner, or for the parents of the bride and groom to split.

The Toasts

You can have toasts at your wedding rehearsal dinner as a practice, and there is a usual order to go by: first man, maid of honour, bride and groom (together or a separate toast), and finish off with the parents of the couple.

The Invites

Proper etiquette to send out the invitations three to six weeks in advance, but if it’s a less formal event you can send the invitations out closer to the date. Just make sure to give your guests from out of town plenty of notice to book a hotel!

The Hosts

Traditionally the groom’s parents are the hosts of the rehearsal dinner just because usually the bride’s family that pays for the wedding, but it’s different for every wedding. You can choose the host, or hosts, like other relatives, close friends, or even you and the groom can step up. Whoever throws the party should chat with the bride and groom about things like the theme, menu, or decorations of the wedding.

The Little Things

There are a lot of small details you need to think about with the wedding rehearsal dinner. Keep in mind the menu, which could definitely be decided by where you host the dinner. You can decide if you want a cake (especially with having a wedding cake the next day, but who would say no to two cakes), have a BBQ or a formal dinner. And this is the night to hand out the wedding party gifts as well, but make sure you do that with just them.

The Guests

The dinner’s formality will be whatever you choose it to be, but make sure your guests know! This will help them decide what to wear for the event, especially depending on the setting. It’s the time to tell your guests extra info for the next day, or let them get in on social media. This is also a great night for your guests if they have a special reading or song to perform that doesn’t quite fit the wedding schedule.

The rehearsal dinner lets you work out the speed bumps so you can focus on the wedding and making that happen just the way you’ve always wanted. Hopefully these tips will set you at ease and let you have a great time!

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