DIY decorations for a bridal shower!

Bridal showers are a fun little party for you and your closest friends and it’s a great time to test out your DIY skills and save a few dollars before the big day! Whether you have a theme or you keep it mixed up, I’ve gathered a few adorable DIY decorations for bridal showers that are fun, easy and will certainly add a cute touch!

Feel good balloons

Love is in the air! This super easy DIY doesn’t require you to get too crafty and it’s adorable! Here’s a hint: inflate the balloons and hold the air in with the clips, so you can write easily! You can either inflate them at the shower with helium, or save them for the big day as well wishes when you’re all getting glam!

Paper plates turned floral

Even though it is spring, these flowers would add such a lovely touch during any season! The steps are a little tricky, but I’ve got them all here thanks to Muslin & Merlot!  If you’re feeling extra creative you can attach them to a wall as the perfect backdrop!

You can paint them whatever colour you wish if you have a theme or even leave them white if you have them on a colourful background!

Fun with pom-poms

I think the best part of these fun hanging decorations is that you have so many colour and size options! And they aren’t tough to make and need very little supplies. Here’s a break down of everything you need to do!

These decorations for a shower are great but you can even reuse them after the shower too. These are fun ideas you can make ahead of time or wait until your friends are with you and have a DIY party!


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