Sunday adventure: Allan Gardens Conservatory

Yesterday I made the move downtown Toronto two weeks ahead of schedule. Besides the packing being a little rushed and not even having wifi set-up (thanks Starbucks) I love the choice. And it’s only been a day. 

The weather on this fine Sunday was and is gorgeous so I decided to hit the pavement and go on a little adventure! You don’t know how awesome it feels to walk everywhere seeing as at my last place it was a bus and a subway to get downtown and took at least an hour. The commute back to school will be a little annoying but it’s only for two weeks.

I’ve always wanted to checkout the Allan Gardens after hearing only good things about the place and I wasn’t disappointed. It might actually be my favourite place in the city as of now, but that could change next week. It’s nice to have a little piece of green paradise in the city, you know? It’s kind of a maze and that isn’t a complaint at all. It’s all twisty and turny and all so green! 

I was partial to all the succulents. I love them and they had a million kinds. And the orchid section was gorgeous, as that’s my second favourite flower.  

The place was busy but not crowded and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do something (free!) on a sunny day. I happened to have the bonus of enjoying an art display that was there as well. 

It was an OCAD thesis project called “Intraspeciation” by Ashley Snook. She used a bunch of different materials like loose leaf tea, wax, hair and other strange things to create interesting pieces. 

I like going places alone. I don’t mind friends coming as well, but last minute solo adventures are good for the soul. I think that this move downtown and the summer spent here alone is only going to bring good things that I can’t wait to do and share. 

Here’s the full collection of all the pictures I took!




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