Calling all makeup artists & hair stylists: Meet PrettyBird!

I am so excited to announce that I’m now a Brand Ambassador with PrettyBird App

I’ve been following along and waiting (eagerly) for the launch. We all know I’m a huge makeup lover and this is, more or less, the Uber app for anyone who loves feeling glam. 

And noooow, I’m going to introduce you to the glam app coming soon! 

There you have it: Canada’s first on-demand beauty app!

Now we’re just looking for a team of artists to get on board & help the app get a start, so all you lovely people can #GetGorgeousFast! 

You can book your own sessions, decide the time and the place and get ready in style. 

If you live in Canada, are 18 years or older and are and certified in the Beauty Arts (or have equivalent real-world experience), this is a great chance to get your skills out there while making beautiful things happen. 


This clever app can be used by those getting ready for a wedding, a special night out or even a day with your girls.

But my favourite part, besides getting your makeup down professionally feeling amazing, is that for the artists it’s an opportunity to be your own boss…more like #GIRLBOSS. It’s tech savvy and  a way to get yourself right into world of female entrepreneurs. 

Right now just the Artist app is available, with the Client version going live mid-May which is oh so soon! 

For Apple click here & for Android you can download it here!

And if you sign up now you can be part of the VIP List, and be the first to get all the deets and get perks! 

Ecstatic is the only word I can think of to sum up what’s happening now with PrettyBird. I cannot wait for the app to launch and to give it a try. 


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