How to Have a Pastel Inspired Bridal Shower

I might be biased, but I think pastel themed parties are gorgeous and so effortless that it’s a great theme for anyone to tackle! It’s a light, fresh theme with so many colour variations that also happens to look great in photos. If you agree with me, check out how to have a pastel inspired bridal shower below!

Tasty treats
How yummy do these donuts look?! Almost too good to eat! Any treat can be made pastel with a touch of icing.

A touch of pastel everywhere
From balloons to vases, adding a pastel touch is easy…especially if you’re a fan of DIYs!

Have a seat
I know this falls under decorations but I can’t get over this flower! Add a pastel touch to the chairs and tables to tie the theme together.

Quench the thirst
Take a sip of a drink of your choice at your bridal shower, but colour it pastel to make it perfect!

For you
If you’re exchanging gifts are your bridal shower, wrap them in any pastel shade you can find (just ribbons will do nicely too!)

Dress the part
If you really want to dedicate yourself to the theme, dress in pastel colours!

How’s that for inspiring? Pastel can work during any season, and it’s super easy to dress up or keep casual! For the original post, click here! 




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