Five lovely spring colour palettes for your bridal shower!

Spring has arrived and with it all the fresh colours we miss dearly over those drab winter months. Having your bridal shower in the spring gives you the option of taking the party outside, but even if you stay in you can brighten up the day! There are so many to choose from (just look at those flowers!) but here are 5 lovely spring colour palettes for your bridal shower!

Think pink

Who can resist pink in the spring? Or at any time of the year! Whether you go with a bubble gum hue, the Pantone pick rose quartz, or a pop of magenta, pink’s the girly girl’s choice. And the cotton candy? A bonus treat idea!

Mint to be

Mint is a fresh colour (pardon the pun) and I think that’s why I’m such a huge fan of it in the spring. It’s also nice because it can be used for small details or a larger part of the decor and it’s still not overwhelming!

Peach-y keen

A juicy choice, peach brightens up the room! While these macarons look delish, peach is a lovely colour choice for centre pieces, especially flowers!

Keep calm

Another Pantone choice, serenity blue has well…a calmness to it! I also love this shade because it goes well with so many other colours! Of course the rose quartz, but the pale yellow? Perfectly dreamy.

Stay golden

If I had to sum up spring in one colour it would be yellow. You could go with daffodil, lemon, cream…there’s so many shades! And all bring the sunshine into the party!

Pastel colours are the way to my heart and I love that any of these colours can be made pastel, or darkened to up the boldness. Spring is such a playful time of the year, for colours and for bridal showers. Don’t be afraid to mix in patterns, florals are perfect for spring!

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