Must-haves at garden weddings (perfect for spring!)

Spring has sprung and with it, the perfect season for garden weddings! I love an outdoor wedding during any season, but the fresh feel of a garden wedding is hard to beat. If you’re thinking of having your big day outside in a lovely wedding, read on to learn the must-haves at a garden wedding!

Keep the Sun Away

Even if you think there’s a breeze, constant sun is going to warm the guests up! Make sure you provide your guest with a bit of relief by having shade!

…or the Rain

We also know that spring weather can be a little wet, and that will bring the day down. Grab umbrellas for your guests (and your wedding party) to keep everyone happy. Plus they can me used to take uniquephotos!

If the sun isn’t too bright

By now you’ve probably caught on that spring weather can be unpredictable so you have to be prepared. The sun might be out but it could still feel chilly, and you never want the guests to be uncomfortable. And these cozy blankets (or even the umbrellas!) can be favours too!

Buzz Off

Bugs are a hit or miss in the spring, but why take the risk? These lanterns are adorable and they repel bugs! You can have bug spray available for your guests too if you think it’s going to be an issue.

Think About the Treats

The bugs can do more than annoy your guests, they can land in drinks or take over a sweets table in a matter of minutes so it’s better to make a little decorative choice and protect the goods.

Stand Tall

If you’ve ever tried walking on grass in heels then you know it’s tricky business. These stepping stones (you can use whatever material fits your theme) make it a little easier for your bridesmaids to stay standing during the ceremony.

Drink Up

Hydration never goes out of style! Customize the labels for a cute touch that your guest will be thankful for.

Pretty Petals

Is it really a garden wedding without flowers? I don’t think so!

Speaking of Flowers…

…but be careful! If it happens to be very warm out, the flowers won’t look as good as you’d like. Either have the florist (or a helpful friend) mist them throughout the day to keep them as fresh as possible!

How fresh are these ideas? Use these tips to make your garden wedding a hit with your guests and of course one you won’t soon forget.

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