What’s your veil style?

The veil used to be a must for all brides, but today it’s a lovely accessory that all comes down to the bride’s taste and, of course, her gown. As far as bridal accessories go, you can decide if you want them to be subtle or stand out, but they should at least compliment the dress that you found for your special day. I’ll admit going into this post that I didn’t know there were so many styles for brides to choose from! The possibilities are endless so it all comes down to one question…what’s your veil style?


This style of veil is perfect for the bride who wants to show off the bodice of their dress. The length is somewhere between knee and ankle, which gives it the name ballet (or sometimes called the waltz) because you don’t have to worry about tripping over it when it’s time to get your dance on.

Birdcage or Blusher

A birdcage veil is the perfect touch for the bride looking to have a vintage feel to their look. The veil usually starts at the side but doesn’t fully cover the whole face. The blush is oh so very similar: a short, single layer of veiling, and is worn over the face before the ceremony. Both are a simple option for a no-fuss bride.


The queen of all veils, the cathedral veil isn’t nicknamed the royal veil for nothing! It’s elegant, a statement, and sweeps behind the gown.

Double Tier

If you thought double tier only applied to your wedding cake, you’re wrong. But it’s the same idea, just a little bit less tasty. The layered look adds detail and volume, a great veil for a dress that doesn’t have intricate details.


So I’m sure by now you’ve guessed the veils are named in a nice and easy way so you bet this veil goes to around the length of your elbows. Since it’s not too long, this veil is a perfect pick for brides who want to show off the skirt or train of their dress.


The flyaway veil is on the shorter end and just brushes the shoulders, but makes up for the length by usually having layers. This style is for the bride that has a gown that has an embellished or an open back. The simple style is the perfect way to wear a veil without distracting from those important details. Another trick to remember: Short dress? Short veil! That’s why this style is also perfect for a tea length gown.


This is the traditional veil. A long, Spanish-style circular piece of lace that frames the face beautifully! Made either of lace or lace-edged tulle (so much love for that) the mantilla is usually secured with a comb in your hairstyle.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times but this is your day and you don’t have to stick to these ones. You can create your own, maybe a combo of the two, or keep it traditional. The veil is meant to add to the look and not take away from it, and when you find the veil you’re looking for that fits your own style, you’ll know!

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