Recap of Toronto’s ReBash 2016

I’ve been to quite a few wedding shows, either working or attending, but so far the ReBash market is hands down my favourite. 

Known as Toronto’s Raddest Wedding & Event Decor market and it lived up to its name. It was held at 99 Sudbury, which I also fell in love with. It was the perfect venue for the market and I can only imagine how beautiful a wedding would be there! 

I spent the day working with the Pastel Dress Party and we had such a good day, sales wise and meeting great people. That’s my favourite part of the shows, meeting the bride-to-bes and getting in on their excitement, even just for a little bit. They jokingly invite me to their weddings and if only they knew I would jump at the chance to go! 

I met one girl who told me how she met her almost groom and I almost burst into tears, that’s how much I get into this. On her first day of kindergarten she went home from school and told her mom she was going to marry this boy she met. Naturally, like any mother would, she laughed and told her daughter that’s not hoe it works. And now they’re getting married!! That’s a real life rom-com right there. 

I stole a few minutes from the day to grab some photos and speak with the vendors and these are a few of my favourites. 

This bright booth grabbed my eye instantly! I’m a sucker for a green wall, I love them. This was a shared booth by Dream Bloom Floral & Event Design and Le Craciun Events & Styling

This stationary is both witty and romantic, my favourite combo. Absolutely love the vow books but the “You’re getting married and I’m getting wasted” was probably one of my fave items at the whole show. This booth was put on by the ever creative paper decorum. 

I’ve gushed about Moonrise Letter Lights before and the love still remains. They’re unique, on trend and absolutely beautiful. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the owner is an absolute doll and I was lucky enough to finally put a name to the face! 

Can you believe that these flowers are paper?! They caught my eye at the Blossom & Bloom show but this time I got a closer look. Created by The Lily Guild, each flower takes about 15-30 minutes, but it can take longer of course depending on the flower. 

One thing in the wedding world that I do not know anything about is table settings. They’re elaborate and confusing but I know they’re needed and they’re stunning. This fancy set up was created by the perfect table, how fitting! 

I am a huge succulent lover, I am currently obsessed with them. I’ve also just discovered the mysterious air plant and the way Olivia of Flower Maiden has them in the glass orbs is stunning! One of these days I’m going to have to pick one but I can never decide. 

A few other booths that caught my eye were: Quelle Cuisine, Vanessa West Events, Save the Date Events, Cakelaine, and Periwinkle Flowers.

It was such a fun show and I’m a fan of the smaller venues versus those huge bridal shows that get waaaay too overwhelming for me, let alone someone who is actually going to plan a wedding. Can’t wait to go to my next one! 

Showing off the tutu and my love for confetti + bows!

Showing off the tutu and my love for confetti + bows!

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